my camera is saved!

Here is the point where I realize I never mentioned my (newer, but now old) camera on this blog.

I managed to save my Canon Powershot G12 from going back to the repair shop.

Long story: last year I busted the lens (again) because my camera was in my purse in preview mode and I hit the shutter button when trying to pick it back up, so the lens got jammed. Two trips to Pasadena and a little over $250 later, it works (again). It’s still within the 90-day warranty, by about 20 days when this new problem popped up, so…

Short story: when I turned on my camera the screen showed a purple-tinted image, flickering and smearing everything. After a number of seconds (30? more?) of being on it would go away. Then I’d turn it off, rinse, and repeat. One time rotating the camera from landscape to portrait fixed the image.

I’ve been dreading having to make another trip, probably two, to Pasadena to get my camera looked at. But I looked it up online and got two different hints.

Youtube: he opened the case to press down on the image sensor connections, says it was caused by being “kind of dropped/took an impact”

DPReview (forum): “Sensor broken” (images nonexistent) “Interestingly, the problems disappeared when I pressed on the back of the camera, next to the dial…” and proceeded to open up the camera to more permanently secure the connections, and mentioned the camera taking a fall.

My camera hasn’t been dropped (this year, and to my knowledge, at least) and I don’t want to open it up; I don’t want to set up a clean room or close facsimile. Just to see, I tried pressing on the back of the camera, underneath the screen (I pulled the screen away), and it’s fixed! :O Camera is back to normal!

Like the guy in the Youtube video, I don’t know how long this will last. I think I’m willing to take it back to the repair shop and pay to fix this problem if it comes up again out of warranty. I don’t know if it’s related to getting the lens part replaced earlier this year. I just… can’t find a new camera I like as much as this G12. Sure there are better cameras with newer technology, but this one works fine for my purposes. I don’t want to drop over $1000 on a new camera just yet. Hopefully it’s fixed for a long time!


Here’s a (portion of a) notation from Wil Wheaton’s Still Just a Geek: An Annotated Memoir on blogging and writing.

…my editor has continually reminded me that there’s a difference between writing a speech, a novel, a novella, a blog, and hundreds of notations.

…there was a very distinctive voice we all used in the 2000s when we wrote in our blogs.

Unfortunately, as I read through it now, it isn’t aging well for me. There was a deliberate immediacy, an unpolished, unvarnished, raw, conversational tone that, today, feels amateurish. In the moment I sent these thoughts out into the ether, though, it was important to me that the readers receive only real emotion and real truth from me…

I say all this because I hope you’ll believe me when I say I’m a better writer now than I was then. More experienced and more confident.

…writing is a process. It should be about putting words down on the page, revising those words, throwing out some (or all) of those words, and continually honing and shaping and polishing and crafting.

In the early 2000s, that’s not how really anyone blogged. I certainly didn’t.

So maybe I’m not “great” at writing yet, but I’m literally decades better, and that’s part of being an artist: keep working on the craft.

I read (/heard; it was an audiobook) this notation in Wil Wheaton’s new book last year. (So good! A must-read for Wil fans!)

I agree with him on how blogs were written back then. I still prefer to read more personal blogs than “professional” ones. There are very few blogs I keep up with now though.

I mean, based on my own blog I can kind of understand why. Teens and twenty-somethings have more free time and have more they want to say. Older people just settle into life and don’t remark on anything new because… there is less that is new.

I wonder if how the culture of the internet has changed also has something to do with the decrease in personal blogging. The fear of the older, nerdier internet was creeps finding you offline and your irl friends finding you online. Now we have to fear doxxing and your employer(s) (current and future) discovering too much about you.

But back to the reason behind Wil’s notation, that he’s improved as a writer. I love reading Wil’s blog. His posts are well written. Another longtime blogger I still follow has improved her writing as well, coming off more polished and … I don’t want to say professional? (Because she wouldn’t call herself professional, I don’t think, haha.) She’s given more thought to her writing.

Whereas I am still just throwing stuff on the wall my blog and seeing what sticks. Or … lands. This ended up weird.

All this to just say, the “state of my blog” is the same as the last time I gave serious thought to the subject. It’s a place for me to stretch my writing muscle (ugh I need to stretch way more often) and write whatever I have on my mind that I want to share here.

Finally! Finallyyy! I finished moving my blog! Well, not quite. Still have to redirect here. And a little bit more cleanup behind the scenes. But is done! Woo!

Or, not done, really. Just live. I couldn’t hold up this blog anymore just because I don’t know what to put in the sidebar or in the about section. So that may come later… eventually… at some point.

Two’s Day

I barely remembered I wanted to post here today! 2day! Hur hur. Happy Two’s Day! 2-22-22. Or as a palindrome, with the day first, 22-02-2022. hah

I didn’t do anything special today. Work. Take-out Tuesday (not tacos :( ). And they forgot part of our order so we had to drive over there to pick up the missing piece. It was dessert, it was decent. The rest of the meal was really good, I’d go back. Or at least dine inside, when I feel safe not wearing a mask around other people.

(Oh gosh is that my first mention of covid on my rarely-updated blog?)

I don’t know what else to write. hahahaa…

Microsoft Narrator and some emoticons

Messing around with Windows Narrator, because I found a more complex emoticon I used in the past (>>-x_x–>, an arrow through a dead face) and that led me down the rabbit hole trying to figure out how to make that more accessible. (Short answer: probably too many “standards,” no real way to make it work.)

I tried Apple’s screen reader on an iMac years ago at work. I don’t remember much about the experience, it was pleasant enough, but then I didn’t test it out on any of my old blog posts hahaha! So I don’t know how Apple deals with emoticons. Unless there’s a screen reader on the iPad that I’d have to dig around to test out.

Anyway, here are a few things I noticed with Narrator:

  • Why is “Windows” pronounced as if it rhymes with endows? Isn’t Narrator made by Microsoft?? Confusing.
  • It’ll read some emoticons/punctuation. But it can be inconsistent:
    • Read ^^;; as “caret caret” first (ignoring the semicolons), then “sweating face.” (Which, no! It’s not…sweating! It’s sweatdrops!)
    • Read >.< as “angry face” once, then didn’t read it the second time.
    • The >>-x_x–> emoticon above was read as “x underscore x.”
    • It read ^^ alone as “happy face.” (It’s…not quite…happy, more like bashful happy? Right?)
    • Read o_O; as “confused face” (probably ignoring the semicolon) but o.O was read as “oh dot oh.”
    • It didn’t read >.< but it does understand >_< as “angry face.”
  • For some reason I couldn’t get Narrator to read anything in Pale Moon other than the title of the Window. Strange. I didn’t want to spend my time diagnosing that or trying to figure out Narrator.

I was disappointed it couldn’t read any text coded with abbr and title or aria-label. I supposed there’s a setting I have to configure, but it’s not on by default. So I guess there’s no making emoticons 100% accessible at this point in time. :/ (Read as “uneasy face.” xD [Read as “x d.”]) But at least it read + correctly, so as someone wrote in 2014 that “1+1=2” was often read as “1 1 2”, things have gotten somewhat better over the years…?