neighbor lawn/dog poop

A guy in the neighborhood yelled at me and my brothers. ;_;

He said that he spent a lot of money putting the lawn in and paying a gardener to take care of it, and we come along and let our dog poop on it, which burns the grass, and that he doesn’t pee on our lawn. What are we going to pick it up with? Then I showed him the bag and he walked off.

I think he should put a sign up on his lawn, “Do not let your dog poop on my lawn. Thank you.” I’ve seen other houses do that. One house even said they’d sue. O_o

Another guy on the same street, same block, a few weeks ago, marched out of his house to say he was tired of us leaving poop on his lawn O.o, and who was going to pick it up. So Hidek took out the bag and picked it up, and he watched over him like a hawk. Hmph.

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