So what’s the use of Halloween?

“In other words, the true value and importance of Halloween comes not from parading in costumes in front of close friends and family, but from this interchange with strangers, exorcising our fears of strangers, reaffirming our social bond with the people of the neighborhood who we rarely, if ever, see the rest of the year.”
Why bother to save Halloween? ( copy)

:D I wanna go trick-or-treating now. Or come up with a really cool costume and sit outside handing out candy. But … I don’t know, will I have enough courage? I don’t usually sit outside on my porch alone, especially when there are a lot of people out. ^.^; I don’t know why.

Mommy was cleaning out the closets earlier this year, during the summer? She took out the Halloween box, which usually comes out only a few weeks before Halloween, and tossed some stuff out of there. I found my cape Bachan made for me, and she gave me my black tights. Now what to do with these things? I was thinking of a gothic version of Melfina, haha. I don’t really know.

Halloween is on a Wednesday this year. :( Owell. I guess I’ve had enough of weekend Halloweens for a while.

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