Netscape 6.1, Buba-chewed-layout

“How goes the new Netscape, version 6.1?” you ask. Or maybe not. :b

But anyway, yeah, so I’ve kinda got it figured out and fixed the way I want it … It’s so sloooooow! Okay, maybe not that slow. It’s the teensiest bit slower than IE 5.0 (the version I have now). But that’s slow to me! It’s like whoever makes Netscape was copying Microsoft (which is what I accuse them of doing) and thusly magnified the things I dearly dislike about that monopolizing browser. ¬_¬

Although … I can finally view frames and stuff correctly (I think), so I’m happy! :b If you’re wondering, I’m adding this entry with Netscape 4.5, don’t ask why.

Hey, I found out what layout I’m going to make to put up between the Padme and Michelle Branch one! It’s the cover of The Double Life of Pocahontas, illustration by … M-something Lynde … I think. Anyone want to open any bets as to how long it’ll take me to realize I can’t make this layout?

Ooh, ooh, guess what!! Okay, so Buba chewed the cover, I know that, and I cherish the teeth marks, I know that too, but I just found something out. I’m going to leave the teeth marks in on the layout and make a story! Or, at least I’m going to try to.

Obsessed? Yes, I love my piggums. I even love my scar on my right hand, although it was kind of scary when I first got it. I could see into my skin! Not that painful, though … or maybe it was, and my nice mind blocked out the memory. I do remember the horror of having to wash it out myself. I also remember making Buba fly across the room (umm, maybe a couple of feet) because he was latched onto me so hard. Hmm, personal experience if I ever wanted to report on how fiercely male guinea pigs can fight! haha.

Umm, what else? Oyeah, I downloaded that Netscape IM (which is AIM with a different name) because I didn’t want to stress myself out with the “custom download” so it’s just sitting pretty on my hard drive … *sigh* stupid thing. And there are “Free AOL and Unlimited Internet” links and icons and etc. all over. I can’t tell which is more rude, Microsoft or AOL.

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