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*exasperated sigh* Okay, I’m working on a blog … *collective gasp from everyone* I know … it was my only alternative since: I don’t like Pitas; I already have two Diaryland accounts; I can’t get a LiveJournal, and I don’t think I want one of those ugly things anyway; same goes for DeadJournal, although last time I tried the page couldn’t be found ?_? Owell. So, all this means I’m trying to fix up GreyMatter in another directory. I didn’t want to brave the perils of Moveable Type just yet. ^.^

I make the directory, allow cgi access and stuff, upload the files (and I know I uploaded them in the right mode, degnebbit! >.<), try out gm.cgi … and get a blank blue page. ?_? What?! Even the 502 Error (page title on top of the window) page won’t show up?!?! What in the world is going on here …

Even though uses Windows servers *gags* and the support site says I don’t need to “CHMOD” (still don’t know what that is …) any files, I did the other time … through agonizing, umm, minutes ^.^; and then everything worked. So, I think I shall try it all again.

But last time when I downloaded CuteFTP it said I had a trial run which would run for ## days (I knew already, though) so after I finished CHMODing, I uninstalled the program. *shrugs* I have WS_FTP already, so I didn’t need another FTP program. But … WS_FTP won’t CHMOD the files correctly. O.< I wonder what’ll happen when I download CuteFTP again. ^.^;;; *doesn’t want to think of the minutely possible consequences* I’m paranoid, and a little off my rocker, okay?


I downloaded CuteFTP, and it said my trial run started 7-22. :b But I can get in now. *shrugs* All I did was change the gm.cgi. *wonders what’ll happen since the other files aren’t changed*

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