earthquake; Livejournal

This morning (in the middle of the night) there was an earthquake. And I was awake for it! ahaha. ¬_¬ Five seconds. Yes. Not rolling, but rather jolty, like the guy on the news said. :b

Another stupid thing: I want a LiveJournal. I don’t even really like the things. ^_^;; Although pretty much the only reason I don’t like it is ’cause they’re ugly, and if I were to get a paid account (the only kind I can get -_-) that wouldn’t be a problem. And they said they (LiveJournal developers) were working on allowing comments pages to have different layouts. :) So cool! The only reason I want it is to comment on people’s journals without having to be annonymous. ^_^;; I am extremely … I don’t know, spoiled?

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