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Please come with me
See what I see
Touch the stars for time will not flee

I noticed lately that a lot of my layouts up have black and red. IAT with Michelle Branch, my lj with the bloody splotches, this blog with the reddish CG, and my diary with the “crimson stain.” It’s a rather interesting observation. Isn’t it? I don’t think this has any scary implications, but then again, things are kind of getting to me. :/ Oh, nothing really horrible, I’m still so happy and content with my life. ^_^ Even if I am with SM00 5 days a week. :b I’m kidding.

Hm, in the last month or two … I’ve made eight layouts. Two are grey, four are black with red in it, one is (was, actually) red with black in it, one is rather pnik *rolleyes*, and one was blackish with peppermintiness. Do I even like to make bright layouts? That’s a rather interesting question … 40–46, light layouts leading. ^.^;; But again, I count the nondark layouts as light ones, so drab grey ones would be counted as light layouts. Yeh … I don’t ever use candy colors or anything. :/ Rarely, but that’s when it fits the picture.

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