thoughts on words

Woooow, I just spent about two and a half hours reading blogs … hm hm hm … ^_^ (Okay so I guess a good portion of that time was spent reading Noelle and SM00’s convo. O_o;;)

So, some thoughts I had. Do people really know me over the internet? If they were to meet me in real life, would I be different? Would they not like that?

I think people know my brain. But I don’t know if they’d like me or not. I don’t think it’s much of a difference, the way I think versus the way I act, just slight.

Mainly I’m thinking about the way I talk online as opposed to in real life. Like, I don’t really say “wow,” for instance (or at least I don’t think so). I don’t say “hm” irl. I wouldn’t say “a good portion.” I guess I’d say “a lot.” I don’t think I’d say “was spent” (I’d say “I was” :x).

The only problem is, those words are in my brain. They are words I use. Just not in normal, vocal conversation. ^_^;; So people know me me, right? But I’m not “me me” in public.

The argument would then be, who is the real me? The person I am around other people, which would be the me “everyone” knows about? Or the person I am alone, when I’ve had time to think and such? Hm. They’re both me. Right. But then, I have two mes? Ooh. People change when they’re around different groups. ^_^ *nodnod* It’s true. I would think.

Wouldn’t the way a person is when he’s alone be the essence of that person, then? I don’t know. I forget what I was thinking now. ^_^;;;

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