augh, troublesome layout

-.-;; Here’s the count now:
modifying the header, footer & sidebar templates: 3
modifying the main index templates: 11
rebuilding the main index file: 14
time spent on this layout: at least a good 6 hours
number of times I slammed my fist on the table: 1
number of times I felt like shaking Portibale silly: 2 or 3
number of windows I currently have open trying to figure it all out: 11

O_O; Well anyway, it’s up. Got bored of the other layout. Although I liked the colors, the image and general layout just got to me. Owell. This layout’s nice. ^_^ BoA.

The lyrics have to do with me giving up on my blog, seemingly. o.o;; Yes, that’s right. I don’t post much in here. And it’s mostly pointless stuff. Oi. I should stop saying oi. I keep writing in my livejournal. And I find myself missing my diary, too. ;-; And I should stop starting sentences with the word “and.” Welll … I don’t know what I’m going to do.

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