My Favorite Game music video

O_O I finally saw the “My Favorite Game” music video. The original, uncut one.

Really. O.O It was freaky. Well not as freaky as it was made out to be. I was rather disappointed. So was Adam. ^_^;; Adam’s the one who got it for me. Waiii!! *squish* He ish sho cooliz.

I told him MTV refused to air it before we saw it. Afterwards he said it was sad, how they wouldn’t show that, yet they show a lot of sexual stuff. Aii … Y-Y What is wrong with the world today?

But otherwise, the video is rather cool. I still like their Carnival video more though. I saw that one on Yahoo Launch thingie. ^-^ I love the feel of that one. Anyway. The end of this video was o.o;;; But not so much as I expected … *sniffle* So disappointing …

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