it’s kind of a drag, dragging scrollbars

I just spent a loong while making a layout. I’m not sure how long. I suppose since some time after dinner. At least 4 hours, I guess. I started out with a really big image. It’s still a pretty big image. Something like 550×975. ^^;;; I was fixing for it to be a table layout. Like a bloggy thing. Of course.

But now I think, even though I’ve managed to slice it up into 5 gifs and one jpg, that’s it’s too much to download. Plus, I don’t like the continuing bg I’ve got going behind it. ^^;; Uugly. So I started using scrolling divs.

Having two scrolling sections on a page always annoyed me. Especially if the text scrolling section was much taller than my browser window, so to read the top of the page I have to scroll up in one section, then scroll up in the other. Same for the bottom of the page, except I’m going down.

And uhh … long story sort of cut short … now I’m gonna remake the layout somehow to make it more of a frames-ish layout. >_> Gee, isn’t this fun. (Well actually it is, kinda. ^^;;; The not-fun part is that it’s not going up tonight.)

Actually, I don’t even know where I’m going to put it up. Here, my journal, IAT, or maybe even another site. See, I was making it for my journal. But then I started to like it too much to keep it on a backpage like that. ^^;; And here, I just put up this layout. (Even though I don’t like it that much and if I don’t put the layout up here I’ll probably make a new layout for this place pretty soon.)

Decisions, decisions. Ah well. Anyway. I just realized something today. On this page (not anymore, after I post this) I had a month’s worth of entries. o_o;;; April 7th to May 7th. Aiiieee. I’ve gotta post more. ^^; I’m trying to not write in my journal as much. But then I just end up not saying anything at all.

Actually, I don’t have much to say anyway. Just stuff that I did during the day. *yawn* How boring. No interesting thoughts come to my mind. Maybe I should sit down here and ramble on and on like I used to. I think I’m starting to right now. ^.^;;

Oh well. It’s late. I keep trying to go to bed at a reasonable time so I can wake up at a reasonable time and not feel all yucky when I wake up, but so far it’s not happening.

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