*dies satisfied*

New layout. Purple. Yukari (from Paradise Kiss :b). Lots and lots of … mixed up coding. Mm. It took me the whole day to get this layout up. ^^; Actually, I worked on it yesterday, too. Yesterday I made most of the layout. Finished editing the image today, making little changes and stuff. I spent maybe 2–2.5 hours yesterday on it. Today I did the coding. That took me the whole day. And this is without slicing the image. Can you imagine how much later I’d be up if I’d sliced it? ^^;;; I don’t want to think about it.

Maybe 5–6 hours coding? ^^;; Yeah … Hopefully I won’t get too annoyed by this layout very soon. >.> ‘Cause even right now I see things that irk me. ._.; Auuugh … Can’t be good enough, can I? :b Hmm … oh well.

I noticed myself not minding rock music as much as I used to. It’s good, because I don’t get annoyed. But it’s bad, because … even though I’m starting to like harsher stuff, I still know it’s not that good, music-wise.

Auugh … lately I’ve been wishing I could be perfectly happy with Savage Garden and The Corrs and Lisa Loeb. Lisa Loeb used to be one of my faves. And for so long, too. ;-; Now I notice she’s a bit too soft for me. But I still like her first two albums. It’s like, first album, most liked, last album, least liked, second album, in between.

Well anyway. The point of all that is … I like my Chevelle album now. ^.^; When I first got it I thought, ‘yuck, this is no good.’ But then I thought, ‘I’ll get used to it.’ Just like I’ve gotten used to a lot of other music I bought but didn’t like much at first. And … now I have gotten used to it. The songs I like the most are Send The Pain Below, Closure, The Red, and One Lonely Visitor. ^_^

Oh. Here’s another thing I wanted to say. I’m looking into pMachine. ^^;; I don’t know what the requirements are for running it, I can’t seem to find anything about that on the site. I think it uses something I don’t have on fs.net. But I’m still tired of GM, and don’t have much of anything else to do … *hides huge to-do list behind her back* … so I’m looking into it. ^_^’ (Looking into it as in … downloading and looking at the files and attempting to upload it on fs.net.)

Ah! The title of this layout … I forget who sings the song. I forget what the song’s called. But I keep seeing the music video (not as often as Bring Me to Life, though, grrr) and I think it’s weird (in a good way) and I’m starting to enjoy the song (actually, I enjoy the song pretty well by now :b), and I can’t think of any other lyrics that would fit the layout, so there ya go.

5 thoughts on “*dies satisfied*

  1. Cool! Frames! On a blog! For the entries! I don’t think I’ve seen that before. ^_^ I like it!

    I remember hearing several times that P.O.D.’s a Christian artist. Looked it up.


    T_T Too bad I can’t seem to find any more sites on them. I think I’m being drawn to the harsher sound too, but most artists (that I find) with that style have lyrics that make me wanna cringe. >.<

  2. My singing voice sounds harshist to the maximum. (<<< stupid Michael kid that picks on me kid, he keeps saying that and I got it stuck in my head.) It sounds like a donkey making that weird noise.

    I like music with beat and kinda loud. NOT THAT loud. I can hear them singing. I like Christina Aguilera and *Nysnc.

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