weeeird incident

I was sitting here, reading “Matu’s” blog (no linkie, sorryyy … :b), and listening to my Cardigans album First Band on the Moon (which I still have to make a fanlisting for :D), minding my own business.

Now, for the looongest time, my CD-player has been a bit broked. Sometimes it’ll just up and start skipping all over the place and pausing and going back and … yeah, skipping all over the place. This time I just sat there and mentally glared at it. Then I started wondering if it was some spirit or something … like how they mess with electricity and the blinds and … whatall, I don’t know, to let people know they’re around. Never heard of them fooling with CD players, but there’s always a first, no?

So then I didn’t feel like going to fix it ^^;; (if I open it, close it, and start it all over again, it usually fixes). I thought of saying out loud to the spirit (if there was one, dunno), “Can’t you find another way of telling me you’re here? This is annoying.” But then I didn’t want to … uhh … talk out loud. ^.^;;

Started to get really annoying though, of course. So I got up and reached out my hand to open the case and it started playing normally. This isn’t all that odd; I pulled back my hand and it started skipping again. -_-;; I don’t know why, but it does that a lot. Then I just yelled out, “That isn’t funny!!” and it started playing normally again. O_O *is very very scared*

5 thoughts on “weeeird incident

  1. Maybe its that ghost that haunts your house. GO AWAY GHOST!!!! Yell out loud then. That happened before to me. I usually hit the air to ssee if there is any spirit in the room. Or kick. Or yell “Go away Adam!!” Or turn on Banrey so it will leave. Or tell it to haunt someone else.

  2. Haha! I love that. ‘Tis so true. XD

    SM00, that ghost went away! How many times do we have to tell you? And besides, if it were really a spirit, it would be a new one, so it’d have to be one we knew, and I don’t want to tell someone I know to “haunt someone else.” ;-;

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