save it for another day

Woo. New layout. Don’t know how I feel about it … ^^’ Don’t know if it’s a sunrise or a sunset. :b And the blob-y thing-y is the shape of a moth I took a picture of … yeah … ._. So it’s up in the air! Erm, how I feel about my layout, not the moth.

Got tired of changing everything, so … all the subpages and stuff probably look a little off. Although I doubt people look at those things. Oh well. Greymatter is getting on my nerves. ^^;; Yupyup. See … usually I remember to uncheck the “Automatically rebuild all files” option after editting the sidebar … but then this time I didn’t … so I lost a few minutes waiting for everything to rebuild. x_x;; And I keep getting “Cannot find server” pages after changing something. I’m pretty sure it has to do with my site being on a Windows server instead of Linux. Windows doesn’t like cgi much, or something … or you can’t set permissions with files. Yeah … I forget. Oh well.

I was gonna use SSI to put in the sidebar, but then I looked at my stats and it says 10 people have visited this site (this index page) using Netscape 3. o_o;;; But then again, the sidebar isn’t that important. So maybe I’ll switch it tomorrow. :) Let’s just hope no one’s been linking to

Also found out, looking at my extreme tracker, that someone found this site looking for “de-hooved horses.” o_O I figured out where it came from (NOFX’s lyrics ^^;;), but still … it’s a weird thing to be searching for … Ooh! And from the 18th of July to the 27th I got an average of 4 hits per day, then from the 28th to the 4th of August I got an average of 22, then 10 on the 5th :( then 46 the next day. Wooo. :b Did SM00/Adam/Amanda have some thing going on or what?

Now, to close this entry, a link to pictures of Lizzie Borden’s dad and stepmom. ‘Cause SM00 told me to put dead people on my blog and I said I’d link to some pictures. :b

15 thoughts on “save it for another day

  1. Hey, I have the stats to prove it’s mainly you and SM00. Well … not really for that specific day. >.> That tracker only keeps a list of the 20 most recent. -.-

    Of the last 20 visitors, though, you and SM00/Noelle count for 13 of them. >b

  2. She won’t just in case if I’m at her house, and you arrive. You’ll go blind by mah looks. You’ll say “Ahhh!!!! Ugly kid!!!!! Get out of the house!!!!” Well, that mah story. Goodnight. Thank you. Love most of you.

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