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Spread of ‘Sobig.F’ Internet Virus Declared Fastest Ever

Ahh, so that’s what that is. >_< And the trojan thing kinda scares me. I know almost nothing about them, so that’s why. But it’s too late to go find info about them.

** Thirty-three percent of those polled thought teacher salaries were “just about right.” (from Yahoo)

They thought WHAT?! >.< Dang cheapskate taxpayers. Stupid tax system that gives little money to education.

Hm, I think I’m gonna ask Mommy why my high school US Gov’t book said that a public school system is bad. I forget why.

Also, made this graphic. Heh. It’s nothing bleeping amazing. :b And I’ve still gotta work on the glowy effect around her hands. But I like it. When I’m done, I’m putting it in [EW (link to art site)]. Finally! Something actually new to add! ^-^;;

I’m also think of splitting the visual and written parts of that site apart, then adding a link from the writing site to l.s. Why? I dunno. The idea was planted by this clique that I was interested in. It said I had to have a link to a place where my writing is. And I didn’t know if EW would qualify, being that half (or over half) of that site is my art. ^^;; But I don’t know. I might just take the lazy way out and not do it. XP

But if I do do it, there was something someone (maybe Dream) said in The Sandman that caught my eye. I might keep EW (change the name a bit) and keep it as some passageway to either site. Then I’d call my art Black Light and written stuff Blood Letters. O.o I just realized both of them are BL. ^_^;;;;;; And the problem with using those names is that I was gonna use Black Light for my wallpaper site (if I ever actually put it up o_O *doesn’t enjoy the thought of putting up her wallpapers*), and I’d have to come up with another name if I do the split. Oh well, something to think about tomorrow during classes. :P

3 thoughts on “I just want you to know

  1. They think that Teachers are paid right because teachers today sucks. Of course thats a flawed reason sense the reason why a lot teachers suck is that there isn’t much competition for teachers because noone wants to be one BECAUSE THEY GET PAID ****!

    I gotta learn about Bush’s “No child will be left behind program” I’ve heard bad things about it.

  2. Neither do I :b


    Heres a interesting news letter for you. Looks like Fox is more idiotic then we thought

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