let me believe that I am someone else

… New layout. ^^;; Why do Lisa‘s and my new layouts tend to coincide with each other? (Lisa! I luff your new layout! Ish sho coool! XD And Hide was pretty cute. :b) Well, I got tired of my other one, anyway … and I was actually planning to put up this other layout that I made for my livejournal that I like (just have to rework it and refine it), but then I spent all of today creating this one from scratch. o_O And I think I like it more than my lj layout. ^_^’ (And yah, they both have Natalie Portman on them. XD Although the lj image is much more recent.) Now I just have to make a Natalie Portman layout for iat and I’m all set. :b

I keep waking up during the night. T-T Not one night goes by where I don’t wake up at least TWICE. I usually wake up three times … X( And then I can never fall asleep before 11. (Of course, it would help if I were actually in bed before 11. ^^;) Last night I fell asleep around 1. I listened to Dashboard Confessional’s A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar album three times yesterday. o_O Kinda got sick of it. ^^;; But yaaay, Dashboard Confessional! :D Oh yeah, this layout has lyrics from them. XD

And now I cut it short to attempt to sleep for eight straight hours … (yeah right). (Oh yeah, will fix page colors tomorrow or when I get the time.)

8 thoughts on “let me believe that I am someone else

  1. Me? I suck at making layouts with a purpose in mind. ^^;; The best ones I make are usually just made from heavily messing with stuff. ^.^;;

    Lisa ish jealous … because of my layout? o.o … O.O

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