the last day

^_^;;; Okay, I upload a new layout and don’t make a new entry for over 24 hours afterwards. @_@

Well anyway. The girl is some model from Seventeen. ^^;; I forget which issue. But I just liked that picture … I saw this ad in the last issue (not this issue) that I liked, and I scanned it in. ^^; Dunno what I’m gonna use it for, though.

I said it’d be an EGL layout, but I couldn’t really find any EGL pictures that were good enough for me, or that I wanted to work with, or that fitted with my mood (the lyrics I wanted to plaster all over the layout).

Oh yeah! The lyrics on this layout are Lesley Gore. :D I’ve heard … maybe 5 songs of hers. And I’m not sure if she’s 60s (probably is, girl groups era and all), or if that girl in the scan is 60s, or what. But anyway. In the album sleeve in Girl Group Greats, it says her (Lesley Gore’s) attraction was this spoiled rich girl. Ehehe.

*puts a tape in the car stereo* “SUNshine, lolli-POPS and—RAINbows, everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together!” XD One time, after Mommy heard that on the Simpsons, she pulled out her Lesley Gore vinyl album to play the entire song for us. o.o That was a long time ago … when the stereo was still by the china cabinet. It was fun. ^_^ And funNEE. XD

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