giving up, giving in

On Friday Mommy and I went to the mall for lunch and some spending of my nonexistant money. ^^;; Well, I haven’t bought anything to read in a longo while, and I wanted Sandman: A Game of You (which I’ve started today ^.^), and to get a present for Tadash. I ended up spending about $70. >.>

At Suncoast I looked through Animerica and decided to buy it (despite it not being the one with the EGL article in it -.- *whacks self for missing it*). Saw Witch Hunter Robin box set. Went OooOooh! over it. :b There were also A Charlie Brown Christmas figures. o.o So cool. ^-^ They had Linus, Pigpen, Lucy, Charlie Brown, Schroeder, another person (I forget who), and … SNOOPY! XP The Snoopy one was $20 and the others were less than half. ‘Cause Snoopy comes with his doghouse. Hehe. Then farther back they had more Snoopy stuff. ^^;; Shirts, games (Monopoly, which I already have :b and chess), and a stuffed Snoopy beanie! Which I bought. ^.^;; He’s bigger than my Knott’s Snoopy beanie, but not as cuuute. ^^ Still cute though.

Then at Waldenbooks I got Sandman: Game of You, Inu Yasha manga (for Tadash, and no I have not read it), Angel Nest (by Erica Sakurazawa ^_~), and Confidential Confessions 2. At the register the guy said they were having a buy 4 get the 5th free day, so he told me to go get another book. I snatched the sixth Sandman book. ^.^;

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