Christmas layout. :) The image is from this Christmas picture book I have. ^^ My aunt got it for me when I was a kid. And back then I didn’t understand the words because they’re scriptures. :b This is … uhh, something in Luke 2. I forget.

Hm. I’m trying to upload my graphics webpage to inangeling-dot-net but in IE I keep getting asked for a login after a minute, and LeechFTP and WS_FTP both tell me there are too many connections from my IP (3). *shrugs* I restarted, but it still says the same thing. ._.

And now I’m on break for almost a month! XD The geology final wasn’t thaaat bad … but I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a B on it. :( (But I think I still have an A in the class. ^^)

It was windy on campus and in the whole valley today! o_o Mum and Auntie and Noelle and I were sitting in the car in the parking lot and we could feel the car rock. That was fun. Haha. But then I drove home on the 118 (instead of the 101) and there were these trucks that were weaving in the lanes. Since they’re a lot less wind resistant than other cars, I was over to one side of my lane as far as I could go. ^^;;; ‘Cause there are three lanes and they were in the slow lane and I didn’t want to go in the fast lane with those winds.

Now I’m kinda thinking, ‘I don’t want to spend a whole month on the computer. That’s kind of boring. And a waste.’ But what else can I do? [reeeead] But that’s only good for a couple hours or so. I don’t want to watch tv either. [tv’s more wasteful] Just another option. I dunno. Maybe I’ll clean out my closet and desk and dresser. ^^;;; Wooo, isn’t that ever so exciting?

My most favorite Christmas present ever was my guinea pig, Buba. :) I loooooove my Bubbums!

My most memorable Christmas present ever was a red four-square ball my mom got me. ^_^ It’s ’cause I wasn’t expecting it at all (ours is a family of wishlists) and yet it was such a great present. I got lots of playtime out of it. XD

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