are you who you wanna be?

Why am I still up? I don’t really know. o_O It was midnight such a short while ago … I brushed my teeth, then sat down at my desk, and I decided to make a header for I’m trying to use Ellie from Degrassi TNG. ^^’ But the images aren’t that great. :/ So I was messing around in PSP and PS both (believe me, it made me dizzy) trying to make it look better but blah I’m just not that good so then I decided to make it a grungy image and stuff but then I didn’t really know how to make it grungy without grungy brushes, but I don’t like using brushes because then I always have to give credit for the brushes and it’s like I didn’t do the work and uh this run-on sentence is getting boring so yeah.

Then I went searching for grunge brush making tutorials, and I found lots of nice ones, but since it’s past midnight I don’t really feel like reading the instructions and I’m just skimming and that’s taking me longer because I keep going back to reread stuff I didn’t really take in. Also, they’re good tutorials, but I just need more practice. Or more sleep. Or both. :b Oh well. Yeah.

I was thinking about using this one header offered on the Ev_Icons community on LJ. It looks sooo nice. But, you know me, I just need to be picky that way and make allll my own stuff. Blah.

Anyway. What did I do today? I went on my laptop and updated about half the codes on my joined page. Yeah, that took me a few hours. ^^;; But isn’t it so pweeeetty? :D In the middle of that I was interrupted by Uncle R and Grandma and Grandpa coming over with Chinese take-out for Grandpa’s birthday. :D So we ate and sat around for a few hours. Then I finished my codes. Then … stuff that I can’t really remember.

Then at 10:30 Mommy had me use PayPal to pay for my two ebay items. I’m wondering if I should regret buying these two things. ^^;; One’s a velvet dress, shortsleeved with shortish skirt, and the other’s a short velvet skirt. Is velvet a very terrible material? I was thinking that maybe I could kind of uh, make adjustments to *coughtotallyruincough* the dress and make it kind of EGL-inspired. It wouldn’t really be EGL because I’m not that into ruffles and because the skirt is too short (unless I put something under to lengthen it? *shrug* and I don’t think there’s much room to wear petticoats underneath.

Oh well. Aaaaanyway. On Saturday Mickey made me wash my car with him. *sniffle* He was so mean. :b Blegh, whatever, I was being my usual slow self and he washed over half the car, and he also did everything that had to do with the hose (too cooooold), and he washed my wheel rims for me. And he used all his car products that he bought with his own money. ^-^ My brother’s so wonderful. He also put air in my tires. ^^; I’m not strong enough to attach the pump to the tire. Blah. Weakling, I am. And now my car is all clean and shinny. Yes, shinny.

Yeahhh … now, tomorrow I’ll go to bed at a reasonable time … I hope. Well, at least it’s not the weekend and Mum won’t wake me up early (ie 10 am :b) to eat breakfy. Mm. Dunno. I really should stop going on the computer after dinner. x_< My will is slowly being chipped away by the ebil compi.

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