Hm, I was just reminded that I saw that Kids Bop commercial for the CD with Bring Me to Life on it. Can you imagine it? Kids crooning about being “numb without a soul.” Hmm … *imagines hoardes of young goth lolis and kodona all over the place*

Ooh, in my Kera magazine (which I bought today XD) there’s some blurb about Evanescence. ^^;; Of course I can’t read it though. And then there’s this page in the back that looks like you can order older issues. And the one with Amy Lee on the cover is shown. But then I think it’s only available by calling in. ;.; (How much would a phone call to Japan to order a magazine cost? ^^;;;)

Oh well. Today I went with Mum to Mitsuwa and that store is closeded. o_o Guess business wasn’t very good … Mum bought plates from … U … something. Utsuwa? Yeah, ^_^ They’re black, and about 7 inches in diameter. She was looking at these reeeeally pretty plates with sakura on a stone-y texture, but they cost $5.50 each, so, yeah, forget about that.

Aaand … I got Nana volumes 1-3 and Gokinjo Monogatari volume 1! :D But I don’t know where to get the translations. ^.^;;

So now I have only $15 or so. Mm. I want to buy Haibane Renmei volume 2. But I don’t want to pay more than $25. ^^;; Oh yeah, I still have to see Millenium Actress … gehehe …

Well, I’ve been working on an Amy Lee mood theme for a while … but now I’m kinda bored with it. Ehehe. It’s hard finding piccies for some moods. Like busy. Or thankful. Or envious. @_@ Last night I started working on my new dreamlog, but then I got bored acause I lost this bunch of papers where I wrote down some dreams from a week ago. ^^;;; So now I feel like, “I don’t wanna do this!” Bleh.

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