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This layout is not the most user-friendly. Even though I really really like, it must go. Now I must go around looking for a piccie to use, then I have to figure out what to do or mess around with it, then I have to code it, then I have to upload it. I think I should have a new layout up in about a month or so. :b

I mean, okay, I don’t really have that much to fill up my time with, in fact I probably have … 7 hours a day of free time … *blinks* I have seven hours of free time? Gee, it really feels like only three … hm … I can’t have 7 hours of free time. Can I? o.O? Maybe I can. Okay. Well, half an hour to an hour spent eating dinner. One hour on Monday spent watching Everwood. XD One hour on Thursday spent driving home. Some time on Monday and Wednesday spent cleaning the kitchen.

Friday–Sunday afternoon I usually unwind and do chores and finish up whatever work I didn’t do during the week and do all my reading and watch Monk and … sometimes I drive Hidek around to places. Okay, just Best Buy and Tower Records. I’m not willing to navigate anywhere else. (Yeah, I’m trying to drive him around more because he complained on his site that everyone has a license but won’t use it so what’s the point of us having a license AND a car and when he gets his license he’s really going to use it, something like that. :b) So … I dunno. *shrugs* My time is disappearing. ENDTIMES! Hahaha … yeah. *ahem*

Last Friday … was it last Friday? Yeah. Last Friday I drove my brothers around. Hidek was looking around for CKY DVDs, and Mickey wanted to look at MP3 players. So first I went to Tower Records. And for some reason I felt really guilty that time that I was parking in the hotel/motel (whatever it is) lot and not the Tower Records/auto shop lot. ^^;;; I always park there, because otherwise I’d have to wait for a chance to make a left turn at the corner, then make another left turn into the lot. Then to get out I’d have to go back the same way and wait just that much longer for another signal. Uh, yeah. Anyway.

Hidek said he’d go to Borders with me, but I decided I didn’t want to drive that much, so we didn’t go. So we drove through Jichan’s neighborhood because I didn’t feel like waiting for the green arrow by the freeway. But … ahh … ^^;;; I kinda sorta forgot it WAS Friday, and you can’t do what I normally do (which is make a right turn at the stop sign then go into the third lane to turn left) because there were too many cars going by. >.>

So uhh … I ended up finding out that the street that goes by the middle school/high school is really very close to Jichan’s neighborhood. ^^;; (If that makes any sense.) I took that street past the school then went the way I normally do to Best Buy. Then we went to Circuit City. That whole trip took about two hours and 15 minutes. Ehehe.

So. I don’t really know what to do with this blog. I mean … I use it during the summer (or at least I think I do, I only have last year to go by, the year before it didn’t exist), but not during the semester. Actually, I’m not using any journal service very much at the moment. ^^; Other than, you know, customizing and shtuff. (Fun! ^_^) With this blog I just usually put what I did during the day or what I’m thinking, or something out of the ordinary that happened. Is that right?

Well, during the semester, my daily events are “got up, went to class[es], came home.” :b And anything that I’m thinking about are boring assignments or getting sleep or whatever. And I don’t think anyone wants to read about boring assignments. So I don’t know what to put here. I’ve delegated all the content away to other journals! *makes a Home Alone face* Er, not really, but I mean … the only other content I could come up with now is quiz results and surveys. And those go in my spay-shul jur-nal. Hm. I dunno.

I was thinking about making a kind of portal for all my journals. I mean, my blog would still be here, but not on the front page. The front page would just have links to my other journals (and blog) and to my two sites on this domain (SMC and L.S, if you weren’t keeping track :b) and to my other domain.

But then … I dunno. I always thought it was kinda rude, linking to something, and then that something says, “Sorry, only certain people can see this.” Hey, I remember when I first got a Diaryland account and when you looked at the most recent updated journals, sometimes you’d be directed to a password-protected journal. I thought, ‘Why are you listing yourself in the directory if you don’t want everyone to read it?!’

Sometimes I get irritated when I see someone on LJ posting on a community and I wanna read their journal, but it’s friends-only. I try not to be, though, ’cause it’s not really their fault they advertise their journal whenever they use their account. What really annoys me is people having blogs and linking to their journal, then it ends up being private. (I’m not against people linking their journal with the words “private journal,” though.) Or the oddest thing, someone has a collective and says they have a blog, but it’s private, so you have to ask them for the link. I wondered, what’s the point in that?


[6:53] *ahem* Well, my point is that I’d be pointing to two journals that are private and one that’s semi-private. That’s kinda useless, don’tcha think? Linking to a blog I don’t really use, a journal that’s friends-only, a quizzes journal, and a dreamlog. *shrug* Ah well.

Right now I’m almost done with Good Omens. 44 more pages. And I’m not in the mood to be reading, either. ;_; Nooo! (Well, I was reading it for maybe an hour or less today, so meh. ^^;) After that I get to read Amy Tan’s The Bonesetter’s Daughter. More than half a year after I bought it. That’s a first for me.

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