new project/site

Just because I like creating new projects online and never really getting anywhere with them:

LJ graphics shtuff, a page for all my (old) graphics I made for Livejournal

Only the index page works. I haven’t made the layouts page or credit page. I really don’t care all that much about credit. :b But I needed a third link for the lj layout, so yeah. It’s very very … incomplete. Haha.

See, I was bored a day or two ago because ev_icons and (especially) ev_layouts were running kind of slow, so I started making this header because I’d just saved a bunch of new Amy Lee images. I finished it tonight, but I’m not really one to post in communities, and I’d been thinking about making something for all the old stuff I make. I didn’t want a photobucket gallery ’cause I knew people could hotlink it and my allotted bandwidth would run out. :b So geocities came to mind and yeah. There ya go.

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