Knott’s Berry Farm summary

Woo! XD Knott’s! Auntie and Noelle and SM00 got here after ten, and we got at the park after eleven some time. Quick run-through:

Xcelerator (Tadash), Supreme Scream (Mum, Auntie, SM00), Perilous Plunge (all but Daddy and Hidek) ahhh!, Big Foot Rapids (all), lunch at that big foot grill (biiig burgers and hot dogs! o_o) or maybe lunch was before BFR?, Log Ride (all), Mine train thing (all), Montezuma’s Revenge (Tadash), Revolucion (me, Mum, SM00) which was sooo cool except it made me a bit sick when the thing would come down, Jaguar (all but Mum, Auntie, Hidek), Dragon Swing (all but Hidek, Daddy, Auntie) which made me actually feel sick because of Revolucion, went to Daddy’s store XD bought two Snoopys (one sleepy pink Snoopy and one fluffy Snoopy with Woodstock) and a July dancy Snoopy keychain, Wilderness Scrambler (Auntie, Mum, me, SM00), dinner at Ghost Town grill? slt, train, Log Ride again (me, Mum, SM00, Noelle) because I like it better at night, Camp Snoopy to look through the store.

So much fun! So many rides! So much walking! So much sun! *sunburned on the shoulders* So much soda! (Pepsi, Sierra Mist, sarsaparilla :b) It was soooo cool! XD Too bad Uncle couldn’t go though. :(

I wonder if I’ll go on Xcelerator next year. Still not sure. ^^;; Same with Supreme Scream.

While looking through the shops, though, I kept seeing things, and I’d think, ‘I like this, but I don’t want to pay for it. Maybe I’d make a boyfriend buy it for me. XD’ I don’t know … One is this $30 Snoopy that’s bigbig, but not the huuuge one in the center of the store. There were some necklaces, too. Stuff. Ah well. (10:31)

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