baaaaad week/Adam

Uh. I forget why I opened this. (It’s 12:04 now. O.o;;;)

Um. My CD-player in my car ate my CDs. They were my Muse “Absolution” and New Found Glory “Sticks and Stones” CDs. :( (Then of course Hidek had to make a jab at NFG, calling them mainstream … *rolleyes*) Yeah. The CD-player’s been acting up for a while anyway. Maybe up to a month or so. First, when the first CD finished and it switched to the second CD, it’d only say ERR and then no music. Last week it worked, though … but then today my CDs won’t come out. O_o They both played fine while I was driving home. They just won’t come out. Or reload into the CD player. (It keeps saying ERR.)

Niiice way to end such a great week. Mum said that everyone’s been having a bad week. O.o Hidek had his wallet stolen because he forgot to lock up his pants during P.E. … but the person who stole it did NOT find his MP3 player in the other pocket. :O Talk about luck. Or stupidity, on the thief’s part. :b

Anyway. Mum also threw in a comment about … yeah, negative vibes around us. Hm. They traveled with me all the way to college. *laughs* Or maybe someone’s got a voodoo doll with our last name on it. *nodnod* (Even though voodoo dolls don’t work. … After Sylvia Browne said that she also said that voodon is a beautiful religion. o.o I didn’t know there was a religion.)

I finished reading The Da Vinci Code this week. Yesterday, to be exact. (Wednesday yesterday, not Thursday yesterday. >_>) I only had a couple pages left to read. I read the majority of the ending on Monday. I didn’t have any chem work to do (or none that I could remember anyway -_-;;;) and I didn’t feel like taking my math book with me. So I spent most my time reading that. :b I even read during Logic. We were working on … syllogism. Which I don’t remember the definition of at the moment. (On Monday it was easy. But then on Wednesday they stepped it up and my mind was kind of fuzzy/sleepy and I felt so lost. ;_;)

So on Monday I looked through the book, because Mum wondered where Dan Brown did his research because it sounded a lot like what Sylvia Browne said. In the front there was an Acknowledgement page and the author thanked The Gnostic Society Library. XD That’s so cool! You have to admit that’s cool or I don’t like you any more. *turns away* Okay I’m being weird. But it’s still cool. I wonder what sort of stuff they have in there. Hopefully nothing like what I read in this one bookstore about the history of Gnosticism. >_> (It said Gnosticism started in the Hellenistic Age and came from paganism. O_o?)

The only really weird part about the book for me is the sex ritual stuff. Poor misguided fools. I’m not saying sex isn’t good. *blink* … *coughs* But they made it … like a part of their beliefs. Really odd interpretation. … Of this, uh, thing, I don’t know what it’s called, but you need male and female traits to become spiritually whole. The book (I know it’s a novel …) said that, then the character went off about the sex ritual stuff, and I just thought, ‘Whuzzat? O_o’ Hm, I wonder who it was who said you need male and female … or something like that, I don’t remember exactly what Mum told me. What it means is you need intelligence and emotion to become spiritually whole.

My brain is too tired to even understand what I’m trying to think. Oh well.

To explain the title of this entry … (and everyone goes to check it out) … I have my own theory about this bad week. You see. There was one very different event that happened this week that’s never happened before. I got on aim Monday night to talk to Adam, I did. At the end of the convo he wished me a GOOD WEEK. Yes. Adam? Don’t ever do that again. :b

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