new spam and new layout

Wow, I got spam with the subject “Get A Free* XM Radio.” Asterisk!!

Is spam going in a new direction? “Yes it is free but there ARE catches, and we tell you right off the bat”…

I don’t like asterisks. Especially on fast food bags. There’s no asterisk-y note at the bottom or anywhere else on the bag!! It drives me insane, ’cause then I don’t know what this company is hiding from me. *shifty eyes* Or in car commercials where the little note at the bottom isn’t legible even on our big screen tv.

Yes I’m a freak and like reading those little notes. ^^;; I like seeing how things are really different than what they say. So it’s a lie … but you’re supposed to know it’s a lie, if you take the time to read it.

Also … oh yeah, WordPress doesn’t save triple line breaks. Pooh. Anyway. New layout coming up fairly soon. I started it as a header for a Livejournal layout, not necessarily for me. But … I ended up liking it so much that I’m putting it on my bloggie. ^^ And I am not a fangirl!!

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