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I’m dreaming of weenies … cooked through and through … (Hot Hot Heat, Interpol, Jimmy Eat World, The Killers!!, My Chemical Romance, MXPX, Queens otSA, Alkaline Trio, The Bravery [bought their EP off napster ^^’])

Ohh well … I don’t have money and I’m not really a concert-goer (…) and I don’t feel like driving to that ampitheater.

Yesterday since I was on the study comp scanning stuff (statistics tables), I listened to/watched music videos on Yahoo. Wow, I haven’t done that in a long while … as evidenced by how few videos on the top 100 list I’ve rated. haha.

Uhh … My Immortal is still on the list. Boulevard of Broken Dreams is still on there. Although it’s still kinda new.

I watched The Used’s video again, All That I’ve Got … then I watched My Chemical Romance’s video Helena. Call me a dunce, but I hadn’t realized how similar the two bands were. What’s that one song they recorded together? I don’t even know whose the main vocals in the song are. But I still need The Used’s older album. I think I’ll buy My Chemical Romance’s album too.

Saw Avril Lavigne’s video He Wasn’t. That video looked like it was a lot of fun to shoot. ^^; I liked it.

Saw SOAD’s B.Y.O.B. video too. Interesting. *looove the song* hehe.

Um. I also ordered Starsailor’s album “Silence Is Easy.” I’ve been wanting that for … a long while now. And yay, I’m gonna get it! It was $18 on Amazon … and $17 at Amoeba. So … there ya go. I found out about them from Yahoo music. Yeah.

Nothing else music related I can think of …

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