Japan dresses down

In a nationwide campaign to save energy by cutting down on air conditioning, the government has asked public workers to leave their ties and jackets home for the summer.

The Environment Ministry campaign has nothing to do with loosening up Japan’s stodgy government ministries — and everything to do with meeting targets under the Kyoto global warming protocol. Tokyo needs to cut so-called greenhouse gas emissions to 6 percent below 1990 levels by 2012.

To help make the goal, air conditioners in government buildings will be set at a toasty 82, the maximum allowed by law. Offices usually keep the temperature at around 77.

The Energy Conservation Center estimates if all offices in Japan increase summer temperatures to 82, it could save 81 million gallons of oil in one summer.

O_o Is that why America turned that thing down? Sheesh … 82 … on an air conditioner! I have seriously never heard of it … I didn’t know there was such a setting … 77 even would have stretched my imagination. But 81 freaking million gallons of oil! *dreams*

(Yes I know America didn’t sign whatever it’s called because we pointed our fat finger at some other country who didn’t sign and said, “They waste a lot more! We don’t see how our waste will make that much of a difference compared to them!”)

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