Mary, Called Magdalene

I finished this book, Mary, Called Magdalene, a little while ago … about a week and a half. When I first got into it, some chapters in, I didn’t like it and I planned to throw it out, not just give it away, because I just didn’t agree with what Margaret George said happened. I know it’s fiction, it’s not a history book, but on the back it said, “Grounded in biblical scholarship and secular research….” I expected it to jive more with what [I think] I know. I mean, exactly what kind of research did she do?

But I don’t want to whine and complain and criticize. I just thought it was interesting, in the back there’s this interview with her, and she says

[What is your own spiritual background?] A long pilgrimage that has led me from my family background as a Baptist, to the traditions of the Episcopal and Catholic churches, married to a Jewish man, and now discovering New Age spirituality.

That’s cool. ^^ Too bad it’s New Age she got into and not Old Age. Maybe I woulda agreed with the book more. Not that there’s anything wrong with New Age, necessarily.

I also didn’t read the end after Jesus left. I just got really bored with the book. Next book I plan to buy, The Woman with the Alabaster Jar.

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