Been updating my joined fanlistings page again.

Is the UK a country or not a country? I remember first reading on fanlistings, “UK is not a country.” Then … I don’t remember what I thought. Maybe at that time I was still confused about the whole England/UK/Great Britain/Britain thing. :x One time I decided to look up on the internet if the UK was a country or not, or if England was a country or not… Somehow I ended up at a U.S. government website about all the countries in the world (so obviously I got wrong information because the government always has some conspiracy or another going on /end sarcasm), and it listed the United Kingdom, but not England. So I thought that was solved.

But … but, I saw on a few fanlistings today saying the same old thing, that the UK isn’t a country. So I got confused again (because I’m just not sure about things like that; I just know that I like Neil Gaiman XP) and looked up on Yahoo “uk not a country” and I … didn’t really get an answer. I guess it depends on who you ask, ’cause some people in England/Scotland/whatever the third one is (Wales?) will say they don’t live in the UK country? (this is online … so there are bound to be the less intelligent?) I don’t know…

Then I looked it up on Wikipedia and it said the UK is a country, but it didn’t say England is a country … but I don’t one hundred percent trust Wikipedia, because heck my brother can change those entries (nothing against him though, just … general … >b feeling), although I guess any incorrect information would be corrected quickly (because people like showing that they’re smarter than other people). I dunno. Just confused. Maybe I listen to other people too much.

Noelle, you said the UK was a country, right? And you hang around the TFL boards. Have you ever read anything about people saying the UK isn’t a country?

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  1. Yup, people at TFL said the UK IS a country, but from what I gather, quite a few would rather be listed under their own regions/provinces (Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland). On my country lists, I just list each of the provinces, rather than just the UK. ^_^; I think some have said the UK isn’t a country, but I also heard in my (Cultural) Geography class that the UK IS a country (heck, in my book, in the map of Europe, they show the borders of all the European countries–including the UK, but not for E/S/W/NI). Hope that helped. :D

  2. Thanks. ^_^ Yeah, I figured some people would rather be listed under England etc., but it still didn’t explain why some people say UK isn’t a country. O.o;;

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