punk clothes

I was reading Nana (volume 1) last night (or this morning, whatever) and when I got to Nana Oosaki’s story, with the image of her onstage in a punk outfit, I had this instant thought, ‘I love punk.’

Lately I’ve been not thinking of punk when I think of clothes to wear/buy (or even design). I guess I’ve been too influenced by all the snarky fashion commentary on tv, like on VH1 or the Style channel. It makes me think in a rather conservative, clean, picture-perfect mindset. But … I don’t need to dress that way yet. I’m still a student! I can express myself with punk-leaning outfits!

It’s not even the rebellion against “fashion” and high-priced brand names that get passed off as style that I like in punk. I just like how almost anything goes. It’s kind of like FRUiTS, but without the bright flashy 80s-style colors. :P

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