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Links I want to save for myself. BlackSpot Shoes No Sweat apparel

[edit@8:40pm] (It’s pi day! …I found that out on an LJ community. I don’t know why I never saw that before.)

I wonder if I annoy people with my Save the Environment!! and non-American(/UK/Australia/etc.) human rights!! I wonder mostly because I’m not vegan/vegetarian and not anti-leather. (I do feel guilty when I buy leather though. >.>) I understand why people are, it’s because of cruelty to animals (erm … that’s one of the two main reasons I hear), and I agree with it … but one person not buying meat products won’t make much of a difference. (I know all the arguments against my silly one, but I still think that way about meat.) The other reason, that animals just shouldn’t be killed period, I don’t agree with, but that’s just my beliefs (that everyone and everything is here for a reason, and some animals are here to provide sustenance, and that they agreed to it … yes I do sound insane), and if people feel differently then that’s fine with me.

But … I’m really writing rather poorly at the moment. Um. So I was just wondering. Because some people are more … I don’t know the word. They care about more things? And when they talk about it, I feel a bit put out, like Okay it’s fine for you but I feel differently. So. I was wondering if I annoyed people when I talk about stuff I care about. >_>

(The reason I’m not anti-leather is because I figure cows are killed for their meat, and we might as well not waste the rest of the body … right? Calfskin is another thing entirely though.)

Yesterday I found out that Converse was bought out by Nike. :o There go my plans for possibly buying a pair in the future. (For even though there is no proof that Nike uses slave labor for Converse shoes … I just won’t buy from Nike. And I wonder if there’s hypocrisy in that, because I still buy from Forever 21, and it’s been proven they used slave labor for some of their products…:x)

I found that out in an LJ community. haha. (…It was in reply to Neil Gaiman’s blog entry. ehehe) Then other people commented with the above links, and now I feel like buying from either or both companies, even though … I never really was into the look of those shoes. ^^;; (I mean, recently. I think I liked them as a child.) But it would mean spending money I don’t really have, on something I don’t really need nor want.

… Wow this entry is horrible.

[another nifty link Responsible Shopper I’m a dork for thinking it’s neat, aren’t I? XD;;]

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