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I’ve been trying to get my new layout up here since Friday, but I keep doing other stuff, haha! (I’ve actually coded the layout on my comp; I just need to upload it and tweak it through WordPress. But I’m trying to reorganize stuff a bit.)

So Something Positive (a totally PG-13 rated comic) introduced me to Tom Smith’s song, “A Boy and His Frog.” It’s actually pretty high up on my Last.fm Top Tracks list, tied for second. *laugh* Right after all the KROQ-y songs.

When I first heard it, it really didn’t have much of an effect on me. Kermit sings about not having Jim Henson anymore. Okay.

Bit of background here. I watched Sesame Street some (I’ll have to ask my mom exactly how much, because I really don’t remember watching it, but I can remember quite a bit of stuff from it); I watched Muppet Babies lots (and realized when I was older that the characters were based on the Muppets, which came before *snrk*); and for some reason we owned (still own?) The Muppet Movie tape (in what I consider the “Disney tape box”). I also remember watching Fraggle Rock, although I don’t think it was that big with my brothers and me. My brothers liked to watch The Muppet Show when it re-ran (on what? according to Wikipedia it wasn’t on Nick at Nite, but…), but I guess I’m not a fan of variety shows. I liked the parts with the Muppets, mostly the behind-the-scenes stuff, but was bored by the rest of it.

I never realized until I was older (maybe when we got The Muppet Movie tape) that they were all tied in together by this one guy, Jim Henson. That would explain the “Jim Henson’s” part of Muppet Babies. *grin*

All this happened after 1990 of course, the year that Jim Henson died. So I never experienced the “loss of my childhood” or anything like that. Therefore, I can’t really rely on past feelings when I hear about anything related with Jim Henson. It was all just some fun stuff to watch.

I think the song means something to me now. I don’t know why. Nothing really changed. But it’s a touching song, and I guess I can understand the feeling behind it.

Well today I read Randy’s (the writer of Something Positive) latest S*P strip about Carroll Spinney (voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch; ya learn something new every day) getting old and eventually dying. I absolutely found the strip funny, possibly because I’m used to my childhood dying by now? I don’t know. Also I’m not that attached to Big Bird or Oscar the Grouch (see above regarding Sesame Street) even though I still enjoy them. But that’s not why I mention it.

Randy also posted a link to the clip where Big Bird finds out what it means when Mr. Hooper is dead. That aired the year before I was born, so it again doesn’t affect me. It’s sad yes, I feel for everyone yes, but do I feel a personal sense of loss? No. Although I found out about the character Mr. Hooper. ahaha. *shifty eyes*

I don’t really know what the point of this post is. I’ve said, this doesn’t really touch me, and why, and yet I don’t want to be perceived as cold. (Does anyone want to know what I was into as a kid? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! And Home Alone. I’ve always felt for McCauley Culkin. And Power Rangers. The first two or so seasons. And Rugrats. I was a Nickelodeon kid. Oddly, all my childhood faves ended badly. Or are ending badly. So I guess I still can’t really feel a sense of loss!)

I spend too much time writing in here. (One hour, woo!)

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