The Shining Count of Monte Cristo

Hmmm … today was rather humdrum. Lecture, art lab, printing lab. Not much special there.

Little tidbits: I stood in line mindlessly waiting for a chicken sandwich during lunch. I went to the library three separate times today. Half the lights in the second floor are turned off, probably for money energy conservation, but there are also quite a few lights that have just plain died.

The Shining is getting interesting. I didn’t know there was a backstory to Tony! Then again, I’ve only ever seen the parts of the movie where the scary stuff is seen. Wooow, great plot device there.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a lot more convoluted than I remember. I still like the movie with Guy Pierce. I just consider them two different stories in two different mediums (of course, one gets a bit Hollywood-ized at the end, but what do you expect?). They’re both just so much fun! hee.

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