two different petitions

You don’t know how happy it makes me to go to this petition to save the Sequioa park and find that the signature goal has already been reached. *grins wide*

But this petition to “End Dolphin Slaughter in Japan” is rather disappointing. :/ They want one million signatures? How do they expect to accomplish that?

The most disappointing thing, though, is the thought that dolphins aren’t cute and cuddly and can’t be pictured with sad looks on their faces like the seals of that one petition that wanted to end sealing in eastern Canada or someplace up there. That petition also showed so many gruesome pictures of clubbed seals and skinless bodies and whatnot. Yeah, because people really can’t care about something unless they’re shocked or “awwed” (“how cute!”) into it.

The seal petition asked for only 120,000 or so signatures, and I think it got a couple thousand more than that. :( I don’t think the dolphin one has much of a chance getting anywhere near their goal.

Heck, the petition to stop ocean drilling near California never reached the goal, and that was only 10,000 signatures. (Then again, I’m not so sure it wasn’t just a political campaigning move for Steve Westly. ^^; I still signed it though.) I don’t know, am I really that naive? Do people really not care about those ugly oil rigs that can be seen along the coast? (From Huntington Beach to … somewhere by Santa Barbara or Ventura, I know they’re there.) I mean, you can’t even get good shots for advertising to draw in the tourists or for postcards in tacky souvenir shops! Oh wait, we have Photoshop now. :x

The dolphin petition doesn’t even have 1/10th the amount they want … :/

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