grar not enough space

I’m currently drawing up plans for a shelf that I want to put at the foot of my bed. It’s so frustrating!

I’m trying to figure out how much space I want to give to the CD/DVD area, and how much space I want to give the talls books (i.e. my comic books [graphic novels?], Neil Gaiman-related books, and art books). But it really seems like I only have space on the shelf for one or the other, not both! If I want to keep space for both, it means I’ll have to divide collections. CDs on the shelf as well as on the CD racks where they are now; DVDs on the shelf and on the small bookcase (some) are on (… a lot are currently sitting on my desk beside me >_>); talls books split between the shelf and the big bookcase.

It sounds like a good idea, but I don’t like it! Collections … must … be … together! (Well except for CDs; they can be split since that’s what I’d already planned…too many CDs. *_*)

Grr, arrgh. Back to square one. Maybe I should consider a second/third shelf on top. Would that look odd? (I have a roughly 18″ tall, 39″ wide shelf divided vertically, then the right section divided horizontally, giving three areas to shelve things.)

Hmm, gotta think.

2 thoughts on “grar not enough space

  1. I’m already running out of space to put my books (closet’s overflowing). I originally planned to put a bookcase in place of the table next to my bed, but that was thrown out the window when I moved Mocha’s cage onto the table. X_x

  2. Aww, maybe you can make a small bookshelf that you can hang on the wall above Mocha? (What’s with me and wanting to put stuff on the wall? XD;;) It could be like two and a half feet wide with two shelves that are tall enough for your books.

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