just posting my rage on the ‘net

Almost three years ago I had to replace the CD changer in my car (2001 Dodge Stratus) because it was jammed. I’ve also had to replace the CD player once because it skipped, repeated, and didn’t play certain parts of CDs. (Always songs 2, 3, 4, 5.) Now I’ve got four CDs stuck in the CD changer: Mirrormask soundtrack, The Cardigans’ Super Extra Gravity, Modest Mouse’s latest album, and Vanessa Carlton’s Harmonium.

So at 5ish I called the Inglewood CarMax service department. Someone picked up on the first ring, then put me on “hold” where I stayed for some minutes listening to an ad about how wonderful CarMax is. After a while I was redirected to some guy’s voicemail, which my mom says never gets checked at CarMax. (Once she called wanting to know if my car was ready and left a message on the service tech’s voicemail but he never called back. She had to call again the next day to find out.)

Now we’ve had enough and Mum said she’ll just buy me a new CD player/changer at a car audio store. Hm, now that I think about it … I probably won’t be getting my CDs back until the end of the year whether I go with CarMax or Mum. Oh well.

(Am posting partly because I’m irritated, but mostly because I could find only one Inglewood Carmax service/repair review.)

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