a memory I didn’t know I had

I was reading the X-Entertainment blog tonight, and he mentioned Wuzzles. I had no idea what that was, but it intrigued me so I searched the term and found The Wuzzles TV Show on Retro Junk, through Wikipedia.

Nothing on the page really showed me anything interesting (except that Tress MacNeille was in it, hahaha!), but I hit play on the video, just to really be able to get a visual of these two-in-one animals. The Wuzzles “logo” came onscreen and I thought, hey, that looks sort of familiar, but I must be thinking of something else. But then, the characters showed up, and I realized, hey! I’d seen those things before! I remember the bear-butterfly and the moose-seal and the crocodile!

I probably didn’t watch the show though. I remember some of the characters’ designs, but I don’t remember one whit of plot or location or anything really.

It’s just weird, remembering something that you didn’t know you knew. I read the description of two animals in one, I saw the little picture of the characters, and nothing clicked, so when the video tickled my brain, it was weird.

Just thought I’d share this trippy show, and how old I really am, to somewhat remember it. *grin*

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