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I got a Twitter account. Yup. Found out about it through InsaneJournal. (Found IJ through GreatestJournal… GJ through Livejournal… LJ through message boards and friends… EZBoard through C… Don’t know why I’m recounting references all of a sudden…)

I got it mostly to stick on my blog so I won’t go without updating my blog in some fashion, but won’t deluge my blog with short, fairly pointless entries.

I’m disappointed that I can’t tweak it more than it is now though. (Well, if I took out the ul navigation from the sidebar I could. Or if I bloated my CSS with specific styling for each, which I hate.)

I don’t understand how Shari ( got hers the way she did. How’d she get her updates inserted into p tags?? And how’d she insert those special characters?? And how’d she get the updates to show up regularly in code instead of using Javascript and a blank ul??

:( I don’t like my Twitter code.

7 thoughts on “all a-Twitter

  1. Ahh, Twitter. I actually found out about it through MegaTokyo, which I was led to by Nekobox, which I came to from The Art Corner, which I came to from Cozypaper, which was mentioned once on Arcticnightfall…

    As for the second to last paragraph, what kind of feed reader are you using to display them? (assuming you’re trying to display your updates on your blog)

  2. I’m using the Twitter badge thingamum. :| Don’t know how else to get it up there. I don’t know how to mess with feeds, other than options in WordPress and “friending” on Livejournal. XD;;

    When was Cozypaper mentioned on AN?

  3. Ohh okay. I don’t know anything about the Twitter badge I just got an account a couple second ago, and saw their little badge. If you want to tweak the mark-up and not have to use JavaScript, you could get a feed/syndication plugin thing for WordPress. Wp-Plugins has a nice selection (search for “Twitter”–some plugins also require you to download another script that reads the RSS feeds, usually SimplePie). If you need any help, let me know. ^_^

    Someone in the art/fanart forum was asking for any good art tutorial sites (“Other than (whatever the first site was) and Cozypaper.”). ^_^;

  4. Hm. Scratch this whole post. I installed the MyTwitter plugin and when it asked for username/password I couldn’t remember my password for my Twitter account, and apparently Twitter doesn’t succeed in resetting passwords … I lost my account. :(

  5. I got my account back. I guess you can only ask for one reset password e-mail at a time … and Twitter’s mail servers are running slow along with the rest of their site.

    But I scrapped MyTwitter because it wasn’t much more customizable than the Twitter badge, so I got WPTWIT instead. Will fix that up after I get some sleep. ^^;

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