new conditioning

Recently I’ve started seriously conditioning my hair. Before, I would just use conditioner whenever I felt like being fancy—which, being a busy college student for quite a few years, wasn’t often.

But now, since I have the time, I decided to use the rose-scented Herbal Essence conditioner that I’ve had since high school. Despite its age, it works well!

This change of heart was brought about by a Garnier Fructis coupon, over a year ago. I needed more shampoo, and Target had this shampoo for cheap! I bought it, liked the softening effect it had on my hair, but still preferred how clean my hair was after using Herbal Essence’s clarifying shampoo. (Don’t worry, my hair is coarse, it could take shampoo stripping it of everything it’s got.)

So I stuck with Herbal Essence, but after I graduated I came back home and still had the Garnier Fructis shampoo left over. I’d switch back and forth between the two, slowly using up the Garnier Fructis shampoo. Being in the mode of use up products sitting around, I decided to use my old Herbal Essence conditioner in that ancient soft pink, opaque bottle. Voila! Amazingly soft and silky hair, just like in all the hair commercials! (Um, commercials selling hair-related products, not selling hair.)

But then another dilemma popped up. My hair was now ever so smooth and shiny, but I had, over the years, grown used to it being poufy and slightly frizzy! I had to adjust to liking my hair even in its new calm and flat form, which I eventually did, accepting that looking like others’ standard of beauty was not a bad thing.

Now I just need to grow my hair longer and buy rollers, and I will be a complete girly girl!

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