my camera is saved!

Here is the point where I realize I never mentioned my (newer, but now old) camera on this blog.

I managed to save my Canon Powershot G12 from going back to the repair shop.

Long story: last year I busted the lens (again) because my camera was in my purse in preview mode and I hit the shutter button when trying to pick it back up, so the lens got jammed. Two trips to Pasadena and a little over $250 later, it works (again). It’s still within the 90-day warranty, by about 20 days when this new problem popped up, so…

Short story: when I turned on my camera the screen showed a purple-tinted image, flickering and smearing everything. After a number of seconds (30? more?) of being on it would go away. Then I’d turn it off, rinse, and repeat. One time rotating the camera from landscape to portrait fixed the image.

I’ve been dreading having to make another trip, probably two, to Pasadena to get my camera looked at. But I looked it up online and got two different hints.

Youtube: he opened the case to press down on the image sensor connections, says it was caused by being “kind of dropped/took an impact”

DPReview (forum): “Sensor broken” (images nonexistent) “Interestingly, the problems disappeared when I pressed on the back of the camera, next to the dial…” and proceeded to open up the camera to more permanently secure the connections, and mentioned the camera taking a fall.

My camera hasn’t been dropped (this year, and to my knowledge, at least) and I don’t want to open it up; I don’t want to set up a clean room or close facsimile. Just to see, I tried pressing on the back of the camera, underneath the screen (I pulled the screen away), and it’s fixed! :O Camera is back to normal!

Like the guy in the Youtube video, I don’t know how long this will last. I think I’m willing to take it back to the repair shop and pay to fix this problem if it comes up again out of warranty. I don’t know if it’s related to getting the lens part replaced earlier this year. I just… can’t find a new camera I like as much as this G12. Sure there are better cameras with newer technology, but this one works fine for my purposes. I don’t want to drop over $1000 on a new camera just yet. Hopefully it’s fixed for a long time!

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