We had an earthquake today! And because of my fear, all I did was stand there instead of run for cover. ¬_¬; When Dusty jumped out of my arms and gave me horrible puncture wounds I woke up and ran into the doorway. It happened at 5:00, or something. One mile east of West L.A. or something like that. South? Or was it west? Dunno.


Wheee!! I looooove Knott’s Berry Farm! ^u^ This year we got tickets cheap from Ralph’s. That’s because we spent too much money on something and couldn’t afford it. Maybe the Expedition. Maybe gasoline. I don’t know.

So, for the first time we started out on the left side of the park, and went clockwise, instead of our usual Camp Snoopy-counterclockwise path. I was so disoriented! I couldn’t tell where we were half the time … ^.^;;

Hmm, I went on Bigfoot Rapids, Sky Cabin, Mine Ride, Log Ride, Calico train, Dragon Swing, Gran Slammer, Jaguar, Camp Bus, the roller coaster in Camp Snoopy, and the Camp Snoopy train. I think that’s it. We also watched Hammerhead, Boomerang, Supreme Scream, that swing ride, bumper cars (which the boys went on), and Montezuma’s Revenge (which Auntie and Noelle went on). We didn’t get to try Ghostrider, we didn’t even watch it. We forgot all about it!!

For lunch, we went to Hollywood Wok. I got Chicken Sweet and Sour bowl. Chinese chicken salad: Mommy, Daddy, Auntie; pizza: Noelle, SM00, Hidek; Mickey got chili cheese fries; don’t know what Tadash had. For dinner we went to this sit-down restaurant in Ghost Town. SM00 had chicken nuggets, and the rest of us had cheeseburgers. I got sarsaparilla! ^u^ Auntie: chicken fried steak; Mommy and Daddy had humongous ribs. I ate and ate and ate and didn’t feel really full until I stood up. Hehe. But I still didn’t finish the fries.

I bought a Snoopy beanie, and two new Snoopy rings. Snoopy’s mouth is scrunched up, so he looks like he has a bitterbeer face … err, snaggletooth. ^.^ One ring was Snoopy standing, it was an older design; the other was him in a camp outfit. I got the one facing right. It just looked more natural.

We watched the water show … ElectroBlast? It was very … bright, and … interesting … SCE sure puts a lot of money into things. >.< No wonder our bills are so high. First Edison Park, now this. Hehe, there was this part where they showed Charlie Brown and Franklin bobbing their heads to the beat of the music. It was so cute and funny!

strange boy experience

We were walking Molly, around 5:00? There was this boy running down the street, being chased by his two friends. Stuff went on, I didn’t pay attention.

We turned around and walked in the other direction, because Molly wanted to go that way.

The boy called out to us, “Hi.” I looked at him. He was standing behind a car. One of his friends was holding a camcorder, and recording. ¬_¬ grr. I waved my arm, and said hi.

“Hey, where are your shoes?”
“They’re in the house.”
He ran after us. “Why aren’t you wearing your shoes? It’s dangerous.”
“It’s not dangerous.”
“Is it a family tradition?”
I laughed. “Well, not on my dad’s side. … I don’t know!” He stopped walking with us, in the middle of the intersection.
“Like my outfit?” He was wearing some sort of padding under his shirt, or a pillow, and a pirate’s hat.
“Very interesting.”
“What about my hat?”
“It’s cool!”
And he ran off to join his friends.

That was a weird experience. Even weirder was the fact that I talked to them, instead of ignoring them and running off. O.O