the lesser of two really crappy companies

A headline on Yahoo’s front page: “Report: Yahoo!, AOL in talks; Microsoft, News Corp. mull bid” :(

I was completely against Microsoft buying Yahoo, but now I think I’d prefer it to … AOL.

I never really commented on that whole news item regarding Microsoft and Yahoo, did I? I really do like Yahoo (except for it buying Geocities…) and I am loyal to it probably only because it’s ancient in internet years. I remember not fully understanding the directory they had going on, along with the search that they also offered.

It’s stayed my homepage ever since … well, I switched from Netscape 4.5 to Internet Explorer 5.5 I guess. (Backstory: Netscape had user accounts so for my account I had my website, Inconsistent Angel Things, set as my homepage. I would open IE if I wanted Yahoo.)

I do agree with one comment I’ve heard, that their site layout is jam-packed with everything, but then who would expect a Yahoo to be couth and suave…?