current state, a review

I feel like my blog has become some review site for random things. Mostly books, though.

All the entry ideas sitting in my head (or on my desktop in a Sticky): 3Musketeers Mint review, Burt’s Beeswax lip balm review, Across the Wall review, pixel size vs. point size vs. em size, Scarlett Johansson’s new album review…

Even as I list the topics I find it hard to call them “reviews” because, well, I’m no professional critic (yay for that), and a lot of the things I comment on probably never even crossed people’s minds. I don’t talk about writing style (in books) or acting ability (in movies or on television) or storyline or anything.

I guess it’s not that bad, since I’m really not interested in those things. If I like something, I like it. I don’t … argh, stupid brain, that word where you inspect why you like it or not, what are good and bad parts, like in literature classes … which I generally can’t stand, by the way. But anyway! Getting off track.

If I were to not post reviews, then there would be virtually nothing new on this blog. And if I were to scrap the posts that contained vitriol (not the sulfate. *blink* word dork popping out again), then there would be literally nothing new here!

I could go back to recording my life daily, like I did a year and a half ago. But nothing interesting goes on in my life at the moment. Today: went to lecture, had an impromptu critique of our sketches for newspaper design, and took a class photo for the cover of our magazine. Am now considering a nap, but should really be working on my newspaper (uuuugh, even less interested in than magazine) and washing the dishes.

Yesterday, went to class, had a lecture about happiness (in an Estimating class *grin*), went to other lecture, learned about the Manhattan Project and saw a video on the uber secretive pilots who flew the bomb to Hiroshima. (Why doesn’t the History Channel, etc./Discovery Channel, etc./TLC show cool history shows like that anymore? Well, I guess the History channel is going through a Hitler phase right now.)

Most interesting thing from the video that I remember now: the B29s (planes) made regular flights to test dropping one bomb, solo or in a group of three (planes), so the Japanese grew accustomed to seeing them. :O Although now that I think about it, Laurence Yep wrote in Hiroshima that planes were not an uncommon sight. Scary.

Some other things I remember: the group of pilots (forgot the military term XO troop? division?) that was training for this mission didn’t know what they were training for. I think only one official there knew what was going on. They were told often, if you don’t want to live under all this mysteriousness and secrecy, you’re free to leave. Also the other pilots on Tinian would make fun of that group, because all they did was fly short missions to drop one bomb (versus the many, many bombs that others dropped), and it was thought that the other B29 pilots were carrying a much heavier workload to make up for what the special group wasn’t accomplishing.

Um. Back to original thought. If I can remember it … I think I was going to quickly review what I listed. But this entry is quite long as it is (history is so interesting!), and you should know that I can never write short entries no matter how hard I try. So I might write another entry. Maybe.

Oh, now I remember. I wanted to comment on spam that I’m getting on this blog. The other day I deleted 600-plus comments from Akismet’s hold. Today I’ve got 34 in there, and since there were so few I decided to read through them. These aren’t as bad as they used to be, with dozens of links to porn or sex pills. I have two or three comments pushing those, but there are only a couple links.

Most of the comments are on my entry where I complained about mixing paints. A lot of the comments say, “Great site!” Oh yeah? If you really think so, wouldn’t you comment on the latest entry, not a really mundane, old one?

Some comments add stuff like “Keep up this great resource.” and “…a lot of useful information” and “Found invaluable information. Just what I was looking for :-)” (Oh look, a smiley face! They must be really earnest!!!) So … paint mixing is a hot topic nowadays, is it? It’s replacing all those knitting and crocheting sites out there? To think, I got in on this trend from the get-go! And don’t forget, Yellow-Green should never be mixed with Magenta-Purple, because they’re not exact complements! lololol!

One comment read, “I would love to hear more about this …” So, an update. Since I wrote how I felt about the results in the entry following that one, I’ll show some pictures. Here’s a photo of a towel I used to clean off my brush while working on some project. And here’s a photo of my brush after one project. Then here’s a photo of all the masking tape I pulled off of one part of the last project. And finally, the project.

Now can I stop getting spam on that entry? Or at least write a real, constructive comment. I have no problem with allowing real comments even if they are just writing to get a link to their site. My blog doesn’t have any sort of Google pagerank to ruin, much less a substantial one.


Today, I mounted a really tiny litho plate on a 20-year-old Apollo/Didde all by myself! And I didn’t lose any fingers or break the press! Go me!

In WordPress news … native tagging support? Does this mean all the work I put into tagging my entries with that plug-in (too lazy to look up and link) was a waste? (Too lazy to go read about WordPress 2.3 any further. I should have been in bed two hours ago anyway.)

’til we find our place

Bah, I’m tired of spring quarter already. Bring on summer vacation!

And I still get no enjoyment out of writing here. Funny.

Um. I got a full schedule. It’s actually 14 units. Woo. Haven’t done that since I had chem and pre-calc, but that was a semester system…

So far I have one art project although I haven’t had lab yet so technically I don’t have to work on it! >b Also a project for 218. Then I have to switch from one lab to another in 203. Fun stuff. But maybe I’ll get my computer way in the back this time. XD;

Uh. I went to bed at 9 last night. Woke up around 12ish, again around 1 or so, again around 4, and again a little while after that, then woke up at 6:30 because my radio volume was too low. Well at least it actually went off this time. Monday I forgot to turn it on. I forget what happened Tuesday. Maybe I still didn’t have it turned on.

Now I’m tired, and my side/back hurts because I guess I slept funny, but I can’t sleep because my mind won’t slow down, even though I didn’t have any caffeine this morning. !! I thought, hey I could stay up for a couple hours, then come back and nap for a little, and I didn’t want caffeine to ruin that, but I can’t sleep. o_o

I’m gettin’ into my groove here!

Monday and Tuesday I read Postcards from the Edge by Carrie Fisher, and I thought it was funny how the parts where the two characters were talking to their therapists (whatever) sounded similar to what I write in here. XP Or more similar to what I wrote in my Diaryland account.

Anyway. Um. Spent $85 on books. Might end up buying The Non-Designer’s Guide to Design by Robin Williams, but it’s not required so I don’t know. I’ll have to look at it. I got $5 last year for my marketing book. Er. Relationship selling book. If I don’t need my color theory book I’ll sell that back. Luckily I didn’t sell back the Printer’s Publishing Guide (?) from 202 ’cause it’s the required text in 203.

I have something like $3 in my Campus Express account. I have charged on my card so far: gas $26 (but I think Mum paid me for that, so meh), books $85, and I’ll need to charge $50 for Campus Express so I can eat. Um. But I’m trying to bring sandwiches from home. The problem with that is they don’t fill me up, I’m hungry half an hour or an hour later. I should bring something else to eat. But all I’ve got is junk food, like chips. I could bring fruit, but I hate warm fruit (left in the car), or squished fruit (left in my bag), same for veggies, and I especially hate eating apples in public, I don’t know why. Oh well.

I meant to rewrite notes from 202 but first I wanted to set up my speakers for music and realized I left the power supply at home (same with the battery-backup power strip for the desktop x.x) so after that I went meh and got sidetracked. But I should get back to that.

(…I wrote this in my journal originally, so excuse the ramblyness.)

antsy today

I feel so antsy. o_o

Woke up at 9 this morning; ate breakfast (mochi with little fishies); washed dishes; took out the trash; vacuumed the living room, my room, the bathroom, and what Hidek swept up from the kitchen; packed up most of my stuff (computer still being used); scanned random stuff I thought would make nice Photoshop brushes; and paid cable/internet bill. o.o Busy!

Now I don’t know what to do. I’ve got three hours left til I leave for my last final. I looked over the study guide last night, feel I know the stuff well enough to answer the questions. Just need to study the equations (ppi/dpi/lpi stuff).

And theeeen … I drive for three hours back to L.A.! Yay! I think I appreciate the drive more if I don’t have to drive back in less than 48 hours. And I’ve got good music to listen to. I think Hidek is tired of it though, I keep listening to it in the car. XD Maria Mena (two latest albums), the Submarines, Evanescence (The Open Door), Muse (Absolution), Mirrormask soundtrack.

I think I should eat lunch. That would be a good idea. Then maybe I’ll watch a movie. Maybe.

rain Wet Christmas

Wow I spent an hour on this computer already. Bad me!

Over the weekend I just worked on my art journal. Not much interesting there. It rained. Lots. eep. I’m glad I didn’t have to be anywhere in it. ^_^

Oh, but I did take Hidek to Circuit City to see if they had the Wii in. grr.

I have no idea how people can drive so frickin close when they’re going so frickin fast when there’s lots of water that’s spraying up into a mist behind cars. *twitch twitch* I stayed behind this RV and van that were going 45 on the 101. ^^;; I also wasn’t feeling completely awake while I was driving.

It’s so weird, in L.A. when I thought I saw rain, it wasn’t really rain, it was more like a drizzle compared to what I’ve seen at the community college I went to in Ventura County, and here. And yet people in L.A. still don’t know how to drive in it. O_o

Hm. Today I woke up at 8:45 and left at 9:30 to get my pictorial space project printed and my art journal bound. Still not done with it, I just wanted it bound. I just pretty much have to write some stuff and print some stuff and glue stuff in. Oh yeah, I have to make the folders though. meep.

Before I left, I was watching music channels (it turns out the California station here doesn’t play KTLA morning news after 9, whyyyy?). Um, heard a band I want to look into on Steven’s Untitled Rock Show, Over It. On VH1 Classic they were having a special with Twisted Sister about their new Christmas album. It’s funny how good metal can sound if there’s a tune behind it. XD;;; I saw the music video for “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” and I didn’t think it was disgusting. (I am not a fan of metal or the like.)

But I don’t think I want to hear their version of “White Christmas.” I just can’t hear any version other than Bing Crosby’s. (I’ve also come to really love the movie Holiday Inn. XD) Same goes for “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Erm, with Judy Garland replacing Bing Crosby. *blink*