new CCS layout

Well, I made a new layout. It’s because the other layout didn’t give me enough space. I hate the scrollbar being on any of my sites. I always felt like I had to keep my entries short to keep the scrollbar away. But this layout doesn’t give me much more room anyway, does it?

Hmm. ^_^;; If you know what the original pic looks like and you hate me for what I did to it, don’t hurt me! It’s not that I dislike Sakura, but that I think Meilin’s “love” for Syaoran and his tired acceptance of her is cute. I support Sakura and Syaoran all the way. But still, Sakura doesn’t yell his name out then jump on him/grab his arm/glare at any girls near him/whatever. ^u^ Totemo kawaii, yo!

This layout is kinda bright … I don’t like bright … most of my sites have dark, deep colors. My ezboard had a light-bright layout once. The only reason it stayed up so long was because I used Princess Bride manga pics. Also, I don’t know what the links on the left and right will look like during the day, with sun hitting the screen. ^.^ In the dark of night, it looks juuuust fiiiiine. *falls over*