earthquake and Molly

Last night we had two earthquakes, and I didn’t quite catch the report on the news, but they were probably aftershocks of … another earthquake we had. Anyway, Molly knew with her doggish intuition the earthquake was coming, so she automatically stopped playing ball with Mickey, hopped on Mommy and Daddy’s bed, then … peed! What a doggish, ne? After, she trampled all over Daddy’s papers, was shooed away, then tried to climb onto Mommy’s lap … who was sitting at the computer. O.o Hmm … freaking doggy … She didn’t do anything the time the last earthquake happened. And the cats freaked out last time, but didn’t respond much this time. ó.ò

domain, layout, music

Okieday! Right now, I’ve been given permission to buy my own domain…

I even finished the first layout I’m going to put up on my new site. *falls over* I tried really hard to make it non-me (although I think I partially failed), so of course that meant a lot of little gif images in confusing tables. Plus, I’m reallreallyreally beginning … well not beginning, but umm … further than beginning? … to be annoyed by IE’s and Netscape’s difference in font sizes and placements. ¬_¬ I think IE uses too much space. Netscape’s is all smaller (line height wise) and nicer. IE looks fat or something. O.o I dunno.

Oyeah, I also have to figure out how to do all the other little pages on the layout. I don’t want to have to keep using the main layout, since it might create a strain on someone’s slower compi, but I also don’t want to make a subpage since I likies the main one, and I don’t really know how (aka I have no inspiration) to make one from the image I’m using. Blagh.

Guess what! I stopped listening to the Cardigans for the past 36 hours or so. Why? I’m not tired with Gran Turismo, I just didn’t want to get tired of it, and so now I’m listening to Matchbox Twenty’s Mad Season.

unconfuzzlingness: site stuff

Heehee, is getting somewhere! And they’re giving free shipping on $99 or more orders, so I’m going to ask Mommy and Daddy if we can order from there now.

I’m confuzzled lately. Well, not exactly, but I keep thinking one thing, then going to another, coming back to the same one and finding another thought, etc. etc.

  1. AT&T is changing the peoplemediaone address. Okay. So far, I don’t have anything more than that, no definite address (my username might get changed), no definite moving time. I’m waiting for the beginning of February for more info. I have to change e-mail addies for some places … EZBoard is the only one I can think of right now. Oyeah, Emazing mailing lists also. I canceled the trivia one. I still have to go throug all my old quotes mails and put the ones I like in BiM. Another thing, I have to change all the urls in the cliques I joined, and move my page as soon as possible so people can find out the new address sooner … not that I think people care. I also have to change all of my stuff in EZBoard, the images, the links, blah blah blah. Hmm, I wonder if I have anyone else’s stuff stored on mariruriru. Tadash’s. Yes.
  2. Batcave is down again. Which leads me to ask myself, Why didn’t I move all of my MR files to my compi?! Hmph. O.O I just realized … I DELETED THE LAYOUT FOR MFF OFF MY COMPI! If Batcave really lost my site, then I don’t have that anymore. ¬_¬
  3. I put a lot of not-so-important-but-I-still-want-them files on my geocities sites, and I keep worrying I’ll lose the sites and thus lose the files. Ugh. I’m not normal.
  4. I signed up for a site at, still not sure if they put ads on or not. I also put the wrong e-mail address when I signed up, so I don’t have the site. ;_; I have to get another one. But I wanted to use that username! I wanted to see if I could stand it being my url, or if I’d get annoyed by/sick of/embarrassed by/tired of it.
  5. Yes, I am still thinking about getting my own domain. I probably won’t get it, even if I were to think up the best way of selling the idea to Daddy and Mommy. But it’s interesting to think about. I do kind of want it, but there are things that make me not want it.
    • a. I think I’d be taken a bit more seriously,
    • b. I just like the thought of having my own url with all (except my moonlight) sites on there,
    • c. I don’t know I’m just very very very human and wanting.

I look directly at the compi screen and it’s fine, except for the very fine lines going down the screen (the tiny TV does something to the monitor, we don’t know what) but then I look up at the TV and I notice at the bottom of my eyes the screen flickers, just like when a compi screen is shown on the news. Why why why? I wanna know. But I don’t want to be bored.

rambling about winning and prizes

I found a little package thing in the Doritos bag. Not a bomb. Some folded-up paper wrapped in a plastic bag. It made me wonder, is it sinful, well not exactly sinful, but Godlesslike, if we won something we didn’t send money for? Oh, wait, we paid for the bag of Doritos. But then again, what we win doesn’t come from another man’s paycheck. Unless you count the other people who paid for Doritos. Well now I’m just fishing in the air! Haha. I always (not always, just kind of always) wanted to use that phrase.

^.^ If you’re wondering what I’m yapping on about, my Christian character book says the lottery is bad because we’re putting up our own money in the hopes of winning other people’s hard-earned money. And God would rather we become rich through our own hard work. But then again, if we were to become rich we’d be expected to give a large portion of that to the church. Heehee.

So anyway, I guess I’ll open the little package now and find out what “Sorry” message it has.

Wow. It says, “YOU WIN! … FREE 2¼ bag of Ruffles 3D’s.” Haha. Another possible prize is $25 million in prizes. O.o Who in their right mind would want that? What normal person even has enough space for that? That’s like … 25,000 mediocre computers. Or 1,000 small-sized cars. How much does a boat cost? A house in L.A. costs … well, the neighbor down the street asked for a quarter of a million for a small house. So that’s … 100 houses in L.A. ò.o No one would want that.

Well, whatever they give in prizes, the winner has to pay taxes for it, right? Who would have a portion of $25 mil? Especially since they didn’t win it in monetary value, they won it in dead things value. I feel sorry for whoever claims that prize … unless they’re filthy rich.

grrrr! tv shows changing and stuff

Dangit! First I find that TVLand/Nick at Nite/whatever is editing I Love Lucy (or at least they edited the one after Hollywood where the Ricardos and Mertzes have a fight over moving to a new apartment). After that the X-Files gets cancelled (well, that I’m not so miffed over, it’s pretty dead). Then today stupidFOX cut off the end of I Love Lucy (viewers didn’t see Ricky get his job at the Tropicana!).

Now I find that Nickelodeon cancelled Invader Zim! My tv life is so unfair. And I already know about Hey Arnold! being as good as cancelled. *pouts* Television sucks. stupidFOX is editing old Simpsons episodes also, can’t forget that. Oyeah!!! My Turner Classic Movies was taken away!!! Hmph. No more black and whites and classics.

*Kenan voice* Whyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!