Aly & AJ

Huh, talk about a delayed reaction …

I was listening to Aly & AJ’s song “Not This Year” on their album Acoustic Hearts of Christmas. It just made me really sad and I felt like crying. ^^;; The song is about one Christmas they had after their Grandmother (? I don’t really remember) passed away and they just weren’t in the mood for celebrating.

Then there was that moment at Thanksgiving … weird. I don’t know. I’d just never given it a thought before. I just took it at face value that she isn’t around (in flesh and blood) any more. But now it’s like, oh yeah, she’s not here.

Eh, it’s probably because I’ve been thinking about other sad things, and it all just culminated with that song.

Another song on that CD that I enjoy (don’t get me wrong, I think “Not This Year” is a really good song, maybe perhaps the best song [to me] on the album) is “Let It Snow.” It’s so different! I’ve never heard a version of the song like this one. XD They use bongos and some guitar-ish instrument on it, and it kinda sounds like it’s taking place on a tropical island. And they’re singing about snow. I love it! XD

rest your head

Thanksgiving was nice. Everyone but AJ and UG was there. Well, also Bachan. Sorry to drag the summary down. *furtive glance* It really was a nice day, I had a great time. I just had this thought early, before dinner when I saw Jichan, that Bachan wasn’t there. Silly, because she hasn’t been there for a couple Thanksgivings past. Oh well.

I was thinking of taking a picture of the (pool) table with all the food on it, but people were about to start lining up and I didn’t want to run to my room then stand there getting the picture while everyone else waited on me. :o

Oh yeah, a pic of my Japan Expo loot. Shall have to procrastinate on that.

Friday I just sat on the sofa with Mum and ate chips and dip while watching tv. XD Great fun.

Saturday went with Mum to Borders by Santa Monica Blvd. to buy stuff. I wanted to buy Monk season 2 for $20 but it turns out the sale was only for season 1. *shakes fist at Borders* In the e-mail they sent me, they had something covering the bottom of the pic of the Monk box, and they didn’t mention specifically season 1 so I thought it was for all seasons. :( Oh well. Mum got Sylvia Browne’s book on Jesus and I got Othello volume 5. I was going to get Nana volume 4 but they only had 1–3. grr.

O, I didn’t mention, that Tuesday before we came home I went to Borders and used a Personal Shopping Day to buy Inuyasha books and Nana 3. From maybe $48 to $43, ooh I really saved a lot. (End sarcasm.) But anyway. Cliffhanger in Nana 3! *cries* I want 4!!

Saturday night I talked on aim, then when Noelle and her fam came over (after a birthday party, waiting for traffic to lighten) I ate dinner (mmm, turkey soup! *grin*) and watched tv with them.

Sunday, went to Michael’s looking for paper for my art journal. Wouldn’t you know, they’re practically all sold out of any type of black paper. Went to Target with Mickey and Hidek. They took down the sign for the Wii (“Due to high demand blah blah blah we don’t have what you’re looking for.”) but they still didn’t have it.

you say it hurts, it hurts me too

I figured I should say something, since my last entry was made on Sunday … well, technically late Saturday night. Laaate Saturday night. :x

So Sunday came here (still at Noelle’s house, ’cause they’re going … somewhere, I forget where, tomorrow, and Auntie said she’d drop me off so Mommy doesn’t have to drive up here ^^;). Auntie said she wasn’t really planning to do anything, maybe work in the garden, but since it was so warm she wasn’t sure. Then I asked if we could go to the outlet mall to look for boots. So I made everyone (Mommy, Auntie, Noelle, SM00) go to the outlet mall. XD I didn’t find boots there. ;.; I liked this one pair at Easy Spirit (over $100 x.x), except size 6m was too tight and 6.5m was too long. (Dang people who don’t make 6w boots. ¬.¬) But everyone bought something, so it wasn’t a total waste. Auntie bought a shirt for W88 for his birthday, SM00 bought a pink stud bracelet, Noelle bought a hat, I bought a pair of pants, and Mommy bought a candle holder from Mikasa. No one spent over $20. XD

Monday we got our geology midterms back and I found I got an A. XD w00t! There were 120 questions and I missed 15. Practically all of them were the rock/fossil/mineral identification. -.-;; Then on Tuesday we got back the quiz in art history and I got an A on that too. :D (But I still have to work on that “extra credit” project to get an A. x_x Must remember to complete that …) Wednesday was a nice short day, second midterm in GEAH. Today got the midterms back in GEAH. Got an A. Woohoo! Barely. One more wrong answer and I would have gotten a B. ;_;

Oh yeah. Also on Tuesday I went in to see my counselor about changing my major from graphic design to graphic communications. I guess I’m planning to go to Cal Poly. ^.^;; *still not sure about living with Auntie J and Uncle G* The two main things I learned: Cal Poly is the best graphics school in Cal State. Yup yup. ^_^ So it’s an impacted school. Meaning more people apply than get in. *falls over* To have an edge over other applicants, I need to take all these “support classes.” I can’t believe I’m gonna try to cram Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Pre-Calc, Statistics, two Chem classes (AHHHH!!!!! *cries*), English 1B, Speech, American History, and other not so serious classes into the next three semesters. Can I just die now? *dies*

The second-best graphics university is Long Beach. Noooo, not Long Beach! o_o Nothing against that area, just don’t know anyone living there (other than my cousin and her husband :b), and it’s a semi-hellish two hour drive to LA. My counselor said I should apply to another school, just in case. o_< Maybe I’ll make my major fashion/costume design and go to CSUCI. But that would take longer … *shrugs*

Ooh, ooh. Geology on Wednesday was just review of the lab so I started drawing an egl girl. ^_^;;; She no look cute. ;_; *needs to work on drawing more* Then I played Animal Crossing for a couple hours, and before I finished I made my person an egl-esque pattern for her clothes. XD Very simplified, but still very cute and kinda gothic. ^_^ Also sometime during the week I saved three scans from Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 9 and 10 to make layouts with. Then I made an LJ icon using a punkish model from GLB. ^.^

I’m also thinking about bidding on this. [Removed link to ebay.] I know it’s not very egl, but like I said before, I don’t wanna wear egl. I just like staring at it. :b I was trying to talk to Mommy on aim last night about it (she used one of Hidek’s old names), but she stopped talking to me after I said I don’t know why I want it, then she signed off. ;.; My mommy signed off on meeee!!! Wahhh!!!! Well, there might have been another power outage at home, I dunno. ^^;; ‘Cause Hidek signed off about 5 minutes later and never came on again. *shrugs* Oh well. Who knows. Maybe God is saying I shouldn’t get into ega and shtuff. Maybe he’s saying I shouldn’t get into buying clothes at all. Another hint: I don’t like bidding on things that other people have bidded on. ^_^;;; I kinda feel like I’m snatching an item out of their hand on a Saturday sale discount, or something … like in Lizzie McGuire. Ehehe. I dunno.

But I feel like sewing my own clothes again. I forget when I first wanted to do that … but the second (or third) time was when I saw all the clothes Bachan owned that she sewed herself. Mommy has one of those dresses. ^^ She has to lose weight to wear it *koffkoff* but she has it nonetheless. The only problem (or the biggest problem, anyway) is fabric. I don’t know fabric! Bachan was my last link! Well, maybe Auntie G could tell me … Plus, it’s very expensive. x_X And patterns … and sewing … the sewing machine scares me … kinda … sorta … besides, Mommy’s is buried under all her ju- all her stuff in her study. And I’m not so sure that I’m that into sewing … and I don’t have time for sewing now anyway. *thinks of those classes and dies* I dunno …

Anyway. Right now I’m going through all my old GM entries and seeing which ones I copied from/into Diaryland, and deleting those. I’ve gone through fifteen, and I have three not deleted. ^_^;;; It’ll get easier after a while, though … *checks* maybe 100 entries in. x.x After that, I have to find that topic where they say how to renumber everything and reupload and junk and not break GM … then I have to renumber everything and reupload and junk. o_O Doesn’t it sound like so much fun? I don’t know why I’m doing it … oh yeah, don’t like rebuilding so many files …

odd song association

Okay, so I’m using Winamp now. When Rhythm Emotion played a while ago I thought of Friday dinners at Bachan’s house, for some reason. I just got that same feeling that I used to have, y’know what I mean? Really odd, ’cause I’ve never listened to Rhythm Emotion at Bachan’s house. (I usually listen to songs over and over at a certain time then begin to associate them with the feeling I had then, like Gimme Gimme Gimme and … gah! I forgot the name of it! Anime Central? the board with Starling and DSIII and TDC) It wasn’t a bad thing though. ^u^