Roast of teh Weenies

I kind of want to go to KROQ’s Weenie Roast. >_> They’ve got The Strokes, Bad Religion, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Velvet Revolver, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Modest Mouse, and The Killers. ^_^ Yeah. But I’m not really the concerty type of person. :b If that wasn’t obvious. I dunno.

Launch isn’t working for me at the moment. :( Maybe ’cause I’m uploading my GM archives. ^^; Very slowly. ‘Cause the connection keeps timing out after a while. Ah well. I’m up to entry 125 of 236. Yup.

Guess what I downloaded! Amy Lee’s appearances on Cartoon Network! XP She said she had a bit of stage fright ’cause it’s hard being cute. Ahaha. And she had pigtails. Why is it she has fuller hair than I do, but her pigtails look less bushy than mine? Maybe ’cause she doesn’t brush them all out nicely like mine … >.> Dunno. But still. Eeee! I like non-goth Amy! XP She’s so cool.

Ooh. Last night I watched The Five Senses on IFC. It was weird. And I’m thinking it got only two stars because it was a rather slow movie. *nodnod* But I still liked it. Nice movie to stay up late watching on a random weekday. :P And the name of the little girl that got lost was Amy Lee! XD Her full name was Amy Lee Miller. I wanna name a girl Amy Lee … I’ve been thinking lately, ‘I’d like to name a kid such and such.’ Hehe. I was thinking of Nina as a name, too. What’s next, Natalie? :b~

I want to go on a poster shopping spree on the Anime Castle website. But I keep thinking about the Chobits poster they never sent ’cause it was backordered more than a month before Christmas. >_> And it cost over $11 too! It was a clear poster … and I don’t see it in their store now … I don’t even really remember what it looked like … meh. Just wasn’t meant to be. But still. $11! Mum gave me back my money, ’cause she was too lazy to ask them for the poster or a refund. She said it’s only money. But I’m not thinking of the money. I’m thinking, I paid, expecting something! And I want something! I don’t want a refund! Er. Maybe I do. Oh well.

I want to buy … an Angel Sanctuary poster … an Inu Yasha poster … and one or two Totoro posters … I guess it isn’t really a spree. Eheh. Oh well. I took down my $25 Queen Amidala poster and my Sakura Wars oav poster. I got tired of them. I moved my Snoopy poster in their place, and moved the other posters around … but now I have lots of pink wall above my desk. o.o So I want more posters. >b Well actually, I also want to replace my two Pokemon posters and my Gundam Wing poster above my bed. Actually, one Pokemon poster is there so my head won’t dirty the wall. ^^;; It’s got a tear in one side of it … :x

Mum said she’d try to cut my hair like Yukari’s! Yay. But then she threw in, “You’ll have all summer to grow it out,” so I’m afraid. Haha.

I rented The Last Emperor to get pictures of that lady’s haircut. ^.^; Yeah, I got two images, and I lightened them so they’re easier to see (and it was weird, ’cause I usually darken images :B). Except they’re on Hidek’s computer still, and he’s not on. >_> So I can’t get them. ;_;

tv; Chobits DVD

Woo. Tonight I watched 7th Heaven and some family tv awards. Dunno why. Just felt like it. Oh yeah. Wanted to know when the season premieres are. Sept 15. Remind me to make a note to watch it …

Right now the news is on. The first 12 minutes were taken up by a car chase. -.- Hal Fishman voiced his opinion of them. XD GoOo Hal! :b

Watched Chobits today with Noelle and SM00. And Auntie watched it at the end while she was making dinner. Hehehe … ^-^ It was weird watching Chii move.

shopping buh

Busy day today. Whoop. I went to bed after 12 and probably fell asleep around 1, then woke up about 9 but kept trying to sleep. :b Mommy told me 9:30 breakfast was ready so ten minutes later I got up. After that … a mixture of doing homework/other “home work,” then went to the mall with Mommy ’cause I had this 15% off coupon for Waldenbooks, got The Sandman: The Dream Hunters (25% off! w00t! XD), Kare Kano 4 and Mars 3 >.> dunno why, then went to Claire’s to look for some watch I could attach to my belt or summing … no find, then Macy’s and Robinson’s May for Clinique stuff, which neither of them had, then Suncoast where I got Animerica, dunny why.

Home, then to Best Buy with Hidek where I got Chobits 1. :D $30, though. :/ Along with the … $35 at Waldenbooks and $5 at Suncoast … x_x Hey, I had a lot more money in my wallet than I thought. Hahaha. Oh well, no more spending. And another DVD to add to my “watch some time in the future” pile. ^^;; (So far it’s got Cowboy Bebop the movie, Count of Monte Cristo, Escaflowne movie … I guess with the Chobits DVD that’s four. Well, with the VHS I wanna watch too … but I’ve forgotten which ones those were. ^_^;)

Ooh! At Waldenbooks I saw The Wolves in the Walls! Writer Neil Gaiman, illustrator Dave McKean. Ooooh! It looked wonderful … but it was in hardcover, and I’m cheap. <.< Dave McKean ish good. I wish I could design covers and stuff like him. ^^. I also need to get Coraline. And Stardust. And the rest of The Sandman collection. :D Actually, at Waldenbooks … someone is cruel. Well, they got all these new books in. Except for two of them. They had 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and The Dream Hunters (which I of course bought). How could they not have the third one?! Wahhh!!! T-T Mm … well at least I have The Dream Hunters. :D Looks delish. >D Woonderful illustrations!


Okay, I fixed up my new layout last night. ^^;;; It’s got Park Ji Yoon on it and it’s black and red. XD My two adored colors. :b Most of all my wallpapers are made in those colors. ^^; In fact, I made a wallpaper from the layout. :) Still needs some tweaking, but I don’t want to stare at it too long lest I get tired of it. >.> In fact, I think I am getting tired of the layout. And I haven’t even put it up yet. Hahaha.

Uhh, it’s got the normal blog layout and everything. :} Thin text space along with small font size. ^^;;; Hopefully it won’t be too annoying. But I still lurv it. I’m debating whether I should put it up now or not. Well, I don’t suppose I’ll put it up today since we’re leaving fairly soon, and I don’t think I’ll go back on. What I’m debating is whether I should put it up tomorrow or any time next week when I have time. Maybe I should have said that in the first place, ne? o.O;;;

I still have to make a new layout for my lj, and I wanna make a new layout for my layout archive, too. I wanted to use a b&w picture of an actor from the golden era of Hollywood, but I didn’t really look that hard, so I didn’t find one I wanted to use. ^^;;;

I went looking for Chobits pictures though. Found piccies of Chii and Dark Chii and a piccie of Kotoko and Sumomo. XD

I also have that picture of Natalie Portman from the time Leon was filmed. o.O I don’t know what to do with it though, ’cause it’s all smallish and has parts of her cut off … I mean … her hair, on the side, and the top of her head … and half her torso … very smallish picture.

Then there’s the wallpaper page I wanna put up … maybe perhaps. (I’m still wary of the idea. x_x Don’t want people stealing my papers, or my bandwidth going up, or … yeah.) And I still have to make that anime smilies page. ^^;; I was thinking about it, and I realized I forget what ^_^; means. O.O One of the most basic smilies, one which I use a lot, and one which I forgot the meaning of … o.O *koffkoff* And then the EW split. And adding lyric credits to LxL and putting up more art at EW and … I forget what else I wanted to do. Oh yeah, there was a short story I had in my mind … I tried writing it out in a notebook, and I got sooo stuck in the middle of it. x.x That always happens to me. >.< I know the beginning and end, and general ideas for the middle, but when I get to the middle I get stuck.

we were swinging oh so nice

Hm, haven’t updated for a bit. ^^;; But, I got my Amazon stuff on Tuesday. XD Read the first page of the intro of Flower Drum Song and Chobits 7, but that’s it. ^^;;

Right now I’m in the middle of The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (which I started reading on July 5th), so I’m trying to finish that before anything else … and I also got interested in Count of Monte Cristo, so I’m reading that too. ^.^; I’m on page 60 after a day or two of hesitant reading, and reading TMIAHM. >D It’s like the newest movie, only … better! ^__^

Earlier today, since Hidek was at his friend’s house, I hopped on our compi to scan this piccie of Miwako [“little bit blue Miwako”] (yaaay Miwako!! :D) and the back of my Emmerdale album, since I got approval to build the fanlisting a while ago. -.-;; So far today I made the layout (finally, a good frames layout o.O), and started working on the nav/style sheet, but then I stopped feeling like working on it, so I got on aim. ^^’ I was “a-little-bit-blue.”

I haven’t played The Sims for a while. I was gonna play today, but then decided I really didn’t want to play all that much. Hah! So very good of me. Yeah. Instead I cleaned out My Documents (got it from 882 megs to 880 ^^;;;) and my Favorites (got rid of 75 or so so far)

Anyway … tonight, after dinner, I read Chobits 7 and it made me more sad. :( Kinda felt like crying. ^^; But it’s so coool. :D I both want vol 8 really really badly and want it not to come out, because it’ll mean the end. And oh! There was an Angelic Layer reference. So cool. :)

Oh yeah. My You’re the Storm single. Hehehe … very good. ^_^ Although I like the song For What It’s Worth more. (“For what it’s worth, I love you. And what is worse, I really do.”) You’re the Storm is still cool. (“I like the sweet life and the silence. But it’s the storm that I believe in.”) And they kept in the war-sensitive stuff. :b Although I don’t know what the radio version’s like. ¬_¬ Stupid America keeping The Cardigans away. And the song that I really really wanted ever since I heard the “mini version,” Hold Me … ^-^ yay! I got it! But it’s a bit faster than I expected. :( Makes me sad. It’s not a slow depressing song. It’s more peppy. :b

[“Hold Me” lyrics removed]

I also found out about this other band … Death Cab for Cutie. It’s a pop band. ^^’ But indie pop. Good indie pop. :) Downloaded their song “For What Reason.” Good. Am debating whether I should buy their albums or not.

Which reminds me. Daughter Darling released their album finally. To very good reviews. Except for this one trip-hop website, which says they’re “not trip-hop.” o_O But anyway, what I wanted to say is … I don’t think I’d find their album in a store, and we just bought from Amazon. ARGH! I need CD! I need to know them before they’re big! I need to not look like a bandwagon fan!! :b

Actually, one of the guys (I forget who) said their stuff isn’t radio friendly, which is what they wanted, but they’re still gonna try to put at least one song on the radio. *shrugs* Oh well. Keep my head up for our next Amazon splurge. :D

I have no money anyway … >.>