I’ll fight that

I watched Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door Thursday, with Noelle. ^__^ (And since then I’ve had two separate mentions of Halloween. O.o One from SM00, I forget what for, and one from my mom today, talking about doughnuts she bought with orange and black sprinkles. “What am I supposed to do, keep it for a month and a half? They wouldn’t be doughnuts anymore!”)

Wheee! More Spike and Faye-Faye and Ed XD goodness! Plus hearing the soundtrack that I’ve been listening to for about a year now without having ever seen the movie. ^_^;;; That was cool. “Ooh! This song! *hums along*” ^-^

We made a stop at Mitsuwa on the way home. Mommy and I shared a “pork-flavored ramen” from Tampopo. XD And it was better than the other, a bit … still really salty. Not that that’s bad, I’m just thinking about my system digesting it. ^_^;; I also got her to buy nori in the market. (wheee, nori!! :D)

Then we looked at that “book” (manga) store. There was this huuge thing with GLAY on it. $50. Hm. o_o (They’re like full of pictures, or something, I don’t know.) The Ayumi Hamasaki one from some 2001 tour is still there, $15. And I knew no one else there. (There was a book on the top shelf that was labeled Brad Pitt. :b) Couldn’t find Gokinjo Monogatari or Paradise Kiss or any other manga I knew and was interested in (Inu-Yasha :b). The Ring 2 video is still there. *shiver* Must watch some time. ^^

Looked through Trendy (really, it’s the store’s name). Not much. Inu-Yasha DVDs, three, for $60. All-region coding, too. And subtitles. But … I didn’t want to spend that much money at the moment. And there was this Totoro doll, too. One of the smaller ones. It was so round and cuute! ^__^ Me want. But didn’t buy. (*can imagine SM00 hiding him as well* D<)

Then after dinner Mommy, Hidek, and I went to Westside Pavilion. I wanted The Sandman: Season of Mists and maybe some shirts, and Hidek wanted an Element hat. What we got: Element hat (black and red, oooh), Element t-shirt, and Vans t-shirt, and two pairs of shorts (Dutch girl style, as Mommy said ^_^;) and a Nirvana book for Hidek; larger purse (ish cool ^_^) to fit my sunglasses, The F***-Up, For All Time, Sorceress, Born Blue, and lastly, The Sandman: Season of Mists, all for me. No manga this time. *gasp* (And the string of “teen” books, I’ve wanted them all for a long while. For All Time since 9th grade or whenever. o_o)

I don’t know how much I spent … hopefully no more than $50. ^^;;; Oh yeah! Westside Pavilion has a skate shop. I never knew. They also have a PacSun that’s more LA-style (read: more coool :b) than the one in Thousand Oaks (i.e. upper middle-class x_x). I was actually beginning to think that it might not be so bad after all. :b~ Ooh ooh, and and, there’s an anime cart right outside the PacSun! *dances* Although it’s not as fully stocked as the one by Noelle (two shelves of manga and one shelf of DVDs *sniff*), it has a website! :D I still have to check that out. ^^;; Will do tomorrow.

Parting words … new layout (BoA ^^) at [STF (link to layout archive)]. I still have to make a new layout for IAT. And make the wallpaper site. (Or maybe not.) And divide Elsewhere into writing and images (I’m gonna rename EW “Ever Elsewhere.” ^^)

behind the bitter ache

After having been on the computer for about an hour and a half, these are some things I have discovered:

This song that Adam sent me a while ago, “The Meaning of Peace,” it has two singers, BoA and Koda Kumi. I just found out I have another song with Koda Kumi, “1000 no Kotoba.”

I’ve got almost 23 hours of music stuff. 883 megs. That’s not counting the stuff I’ve deleted from the library.

I still have no idea how to get the Mozilla browser. ¬_¬ (Well, chalk it up to impatience this time, I don’t wanna go looking through the site.) Netscape’s end is near.

Right now I could work on my sites, but I don’t feel like it. ^^;;;

Hidek’s got the Gamecube (playing the Sims) and Mickey’s got the N64 (playing the New Tetris). I could latch on to either, if I really wanted to.

There’s also Fushigi Yuugi (1st season) and Escaflowne I have to finish watching, and the Escaflowne movie and the Cowboy Bebop movie to see. I don’t have the patience to watch tv though. Hmm … I have no idea what to do. ^^;; *goes to update dreamlog*

downloading music

Hm. [dead link I guess about Janis Ian’s opinion on downloading music, positive I think.] Janis Ian. Cool. ^-^ Heh, now I don’t feel so guilty. :b *thinks* I’ve downloaded Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle, Cosmic Dare (Pretty with a Pistol) from Cowboy Bebop (movie), all those Gundam Wing songs, opening theme from Fushigi Yuugi, Fugu’s The Best of Us (came with my laptop), The Cardigans’ Lovefool, Len’s If You Steal My Sunshine, umumum … can’t remember any others. I’ve bought the CDs to The Cardigans and the GW soundtracks. And I plan to buy Fugu’s CD, and kinda plan to buy CB soundtracks and Jimmy Eat World’s CD (Bleed American?). *shrugs* Ah well.

Omocha Box

Mama took Hidek and me to umm, first … I forget the store’s name. o_< It’s next to The Hobby People. Hah! I remember their name! *celebrates* So, uhh, The Hobby People was boring to me, because I’m not into that kind of stuff, but the other store was fuuuun! ^-^ Although perhaps a bit too much DiGi Charat stuff … *gets pelted by DiGi Charat fans* Um, yeah.

It’s bigger than Banzai Anime. Ehehe … ^.^;; And a wider selection … I mean … it had Japanese manga, not American published. And it had some DiGi Charat headgear which looked cute, and totebags (is that what they’re called?), and well, more stuff. *wonders how many more times she’ll start sentences with “and”*

I saw my Chobits poster there! hehe. Um, other items of interest: Sakura Wars regular sized (whatever that is) poster (but it had only Sakura. not that that’s a bad thing…); Cowboy Bebop artbook that I don’t have, and I don’t mean the Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door one, for $26, money I don’t have T-T ; and limited Cowboy Bebop CD-Boxes, for $120 each. *sniffle* I want that …

Ooh, I figured the thing about Banzai Anime! It’s supposed to rent anime, not exactly sell products! ^_^ *is happy she figured that out*