*gasp* nekkid! (of CSS)

I decided to go along with CSS Naked Day (although I’m not signing up, I just don’t care that much), so the whole site is plaintext for at least the next 24 hours. (I know, I’m late for the world-wide 48 hours of April 9th. :( )

I heard of it last year, but I was too late to participate. (Or was it some sort of grey theme site I saw? I don’t really remember. I like the CSS-less theme better anyway.) This year … I am a little bit early for America, woohoo! *laugh*

(Hm, my knowledge is lacking in the area of time zones and eastern/western hemispheres and … such. I know I’m about 17 hours behind Australia … and eight seven hours behind wherever the Greenwich Mean line is. Which means … well I’ve got 27 hours until April 9th is over. At least 32 hours for April 9th to finish … at least through Hawaii. Where is the last land mass to pass to the next day??)

The only thing that really bugs me about this is the Times New Roman. I am no longer a fan of Times New Roman, or its original Times typeface created for The Times in London. But I … must … not … touch!

(If anyone’s curious [another reason why I decided to do this: I have no idea how many people regularly visit this site and figured, why not, it couldn’t hurt too many people :P], I don’t like Times because it’s meant for newspapers: the letters are all smashed and thin and I like round letters, like Tahoma, or Georgia. I can’t stand Arial/Helvetica because they’re so skinny.)

coding discrepancy

It’s funny. These two archive pages are running off the same linked stylesheet, yet they’re displayed differently in IE. Why is that?

[dead links redacted; they went to pMachine’s general archive page and single entry archive page]

I also found another discrepancy between Mozilla and IE. That would be the heading tags. Why the heck does Firefox show these headings in nice small pretty text and IE shows them as freaking huge ugly things??